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Clan of Jats and Rajputs. Wikipedia

  • Bhati

    Clan of Rajputs, Gurjars, and Jats found in India and Pakistan. The Bhati Rajputs (also known as Bargala) claim Chandravanshi origin. Wikipedia

  • Gotra of Jats and Rajputs.  Wikipedia

  • Rajput clan in India. They are one of the 36 royal races of Rajputs. Wikipedia

  • Jat clan in the Punjab Region of India. Notable people who bear the name and may or may not be associated with the clan are: Wikipedia

  • Sisodia

    Indian Rajput clan, who claim Suryavanshi lineage. A dynasty belonging to this clan ruled over the kingdom of Mewar in Rajasthan. Wikipedia

  • The Chudasama are a Rajput clan found in the state of Gujarat in India. They are off-shoot of Samma Rajput of Sind. Wikipedia


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