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American comic book artist, best known for his work on comic series Shaolin Cowboy, Hard Boiled and The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, which was adapted into an animated television series of the same name, as well as his contributions to The Matrix series of films. Wikipedia

  • Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (TV series)

    American animated TV series based on the comic book of the same name by Frank Miller and Geof Darrow. The series ran for 26 episodes and featured the voice of Pamela Adlon (credited as Pamela Segall) as the voice of Rusty, Jonathan David Cook as Big Guy, and the voices of Gabrielle Carteris, Stephen Root, Kathy Kinney, Kevin Michael Richardson, M. Emmet Walsh, and R. Lee Ermey. Wikipedia

  • Frank Miller (comics)

    American comic book writer, penciller and inker, novelist, screenwriter, film director, and producer best known for his comic book stories and graphic novels such as Daredevil: Born Again, The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, and 300. He also directed the film version of The Spirit, shared directing duties with Robert Rodriguez on Sin City and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and produced the film 300. Wikipedia

  • Zeb Wells

    American comic book writer known for his work at Marvel Comics, a television writer/director known for his work on the animated TV series Robot Chicken, and the co-creator/showrunner of SuperMansion. Emmy and Annie Award-winning writer and actor for the TV show Robot Chicken, including the Emmy-nominated Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II. Wikipedia

  • Kyle Baker

    American cartoonist, comic book writer-artist, and animator known for his graphic novels and for a 2000s revival of the series Plastic Man. Baker has won numerous Eisner Awards and Harvey Awards for his work in the comics field. Wikipedia

  • List of American comics creators

    List of American comics creators. Although comics have different formats, this list covers creators of comic books, graphic novels and comic strips, along with early innovators. Wikipedia

  • List of comics-related events in 2012. It includes any relevant comics-related events, deaths of notable comics-related people, conventions and first issues by title. Wikipedia


    Sentences forGeof Darrow

    • The Wachowskis therefore hired underground comic book artists Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce to draw a 600-page, shot-by-shot storyboard for the entire film.The Matrix-Wikipedia
    • He has also created illustrated works with artists Frank Caruso (Heart Transplant, 2010) and Geof Darrow (Another Chance to Get It Right, 1993; The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine, 2014).Andrew Vachss-Wikipedia
    • The Wachowskis themselves contributed "Bits and Pieces", a prequel to the movie that explains the origins of the Matrix, featuring illustrations by Geof Darrow, the movie's conceptual designer.The Wachowskis-Wikipedia
    • The Wachowskis cited the art of comic book artist Geof Darrow as an influence on the look of The Matrix.The Wachowskis-Wikipedia
    • The property graduated to its own series, a large format two-issue mini-series in 1995, written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Geof Darrow.The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot-Wikipedia
    • 1990 saw Miller and artist Geof Darrow start work on Hard Boiled, a three-issue miniseries.Frank Miller (comics)-Wikipedia

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