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English poet and author. Wikipedia

  • The Canterbury Tales

    Collection of 24 stories that runs to over 17,000 lines written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer between 1387 and 1400. In 1386, Chaucer became Controller of Customs and Justice of Peace and, in 1389, Clerk of the King's work. Wikipedia

  • Professor of English language and literature at the University of Bucharest, Romania, and a member of the Romanian Writers' Union. A graduate of the School of English Studies of the Bucharest University's Department of Letters, he taught Romanian at the Universities of London (1964-1965) and Cambridge (1971-1973). Wikipedia

  • Eminent German literary scholar who helped reestablish English Studies in Germany after World War II. Well-known art historian. Wikipedia

  • John Gower

    English poet, a contemporary of William Langland and the Pearl Poet, and a personal friend of Geoffrey Chaucer. Remembered primarily for three major works, the Mirour de l'Omme, Vox Clamantis, and Confessio Amantis, three long poems written in French, Latin, and English respectively, which are united by common moral and political themes. Wikipedia

  • Confessio Amantis

    33,000-line Middle English poem by John Gower, which uses the confession made by an ageing lover to the chaplain of Venus as a frame story for a collection of shorter narrative poems. Composed at the request of Richard II. Wikipedia

  • Edmund Spenser

    English poet best known for The Faerie Queene, an epic poem and fantastical allegory celebrating the Tudor dynasty and Elizabeth I. Recognized as one of the premier craftsmen of nascent Modern English verse, and is often considered one of the greatest poets in the English language. Wikipedia


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