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Contiguous United States, the state of Alaska, the island state of Hawaii, the five insular territories of Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa, and minor outlying possessions. Wikipedia

  • List of United States politicians who were born outside the present-day United States, its territories , and its outlying possessions. Held under various forms of government as an American territory from 1898 to 1946 before becoming a sovereign country. Wikipedia

  • District of Columbia and United States Territories quarters

    The District of Columbia and United States Territories quarters were a series of quarters minted by the United States Mint in 2009 to honor the District of Columbia and the unincorporated United States insular areas of Puerto Rico, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. The islands commonly grouped together as the United States Minor Outlying Islands were not featured, as the law defined the word "territory" as being limited to the areas mentioned above. Wikipedia

  • List of states and territories of the United States

    Federal republic consisting of 50 states, a federal district , five major territories, and various minor islands. In the far northwestern part of North America and Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific. Wikipedia

  • Informal legislative body created in 2007, by leaders of the Senates of the U.S. states of Alaska and Hawaii, and the US territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Northern Marianas Islands. The organization's inaugural meeting took place in Hawaii's State Capitol on December 11, 2007. Wikipedia

  • Term used to refer to the spouse of a chief executive—that is, of the spouse of the president of the United States and the spouses of the governors of the 50 U.S. states and U.S. territories (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the United States Virgin Islands) and the spouse of the mayor of the District of Columbia. (The spouses of many mayors are often called the "first lady" or "first gentleman" of the city as well, and the use of the terms sometimes extends even to the spouses of college presidents). Wikipedia

  • U.S. territory

    Any extent of region under the sovereign jurisdiction of the federal government of the United States, including all waters . The United States asserts sovereign rights for exploring, exploiting, conserving, and managing its territory. Wikipedia


    Sentences forGeography of the United States

    • Located in the northernmost part of Somerset County, just 12 mi south of Morristown, the borough includes some of the last vestiges of the Great Eastern Forest.Bernardsville, New Jersey-Wikipedia
    • The winner usually finishes in eight to nine days, after riding approximately 22 hours per day through the varied terrain of the United States.Race Across America-Wikipedia
    • Another benchmark dataset is the GeoQuery dataset which contains questions about the geography of the U.S. paired with corresponding Prolog.Semantic parsing-Wikipedia
    • Geographically, the label Middle America refers to the territory between the East Coast of the United States (particularly the northeast) and the West Coast.Middle America (United States)-Wikipedia
    • In an interview with NPR, Deacon said that the album was inspired by the politics and geography of the United States, saying: The music is definitely inspired by geography.America (Dan Deacon album)-Wikipedia
    • Indeed, American geography is a focal point of Phelps's show, which fits in well with satellite radio having a national rather than local audience.Phlash Phelps-Wikipedia

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