Artists similar to or like Georges Braque

Major 20th-century French painter, collagist, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor. Wikipedia

  • French art

    French art consists of the visual and plastic arts (including French architecture, woodwork, textiles, and ceramics) originating from the geographical area of France. The main centre for the European art of the Upper Paleolithic, then left many megalithic monuments, and in the Iron Age many of the most impressive finds of early Celtic art. Wikipedia

  • Jean Metzinger

    Major 20th-century French painter, theorist, writer, critic and poet, who along with Albert Gleizes wrote the first theoretical work on Cubism. His earliest works, from 1900 to 1904, were influenced by the neo-Impressionism of Georges Seurat and Henri-Edmond Cross. Wikipedia

  • Robert Antoine Pinchon

    French Post-Impressionist landscape painter of the Rouen School (l'École de Rouen) who was born and spent most of his life in France. Consistent throughout his career in his dedication to painting landscapes en plein air . Wikipedia

  • Armory Show

    Show organized by the Association of American Painters and Sculptors in 1913. The first large exhibition of modern art in America, as well as one of the many exhibitions that have been held in the vast spaces of U.S. National Guard armories. Wikipedia

  • Max Beckmann

    German painter, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor, and writer. Classified as an Expressionist artist, he rejected both the term and the movement. Wikipedia

  • Rik Wouters

    Belgian painter, sculptor and draughtsman. Wouters produced 200 paintings, drawings and sculptures in his 34 years before his illness-caused death. Wikipedia


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