Artists similar to or like Gerald Scarfe

English cartoonist and illustrator. Wikipedia

  • Percy Crosby

    American author, illustrator and cartoonist best known for his comic strip Skippy. Commemorated on a 1997 U.S. Postal Service stamp. Wikipedia

  • Tom Gauld

    Scottish cartoonist and illustrator. His style reflects his self-professed fondness of "deadpan comedy, flat dialogue, things happening offstage and impressive characters". Wikipedia

  • Roger Waters

    English songwriter, singer, bassist, and composer. In 1965, he co-founded the progressive rock band Pink Floyd. Wikipedia

  • Mark Marderosian

    Prolific cartoonist, animator and children's book illustrator, a comic book artist and noted toy designer. Born in Cambridge, Marderosian grew up in Newton, Massachusetts. Wikipedia

  • Kaz (cartoonist)

    American cartoonist and illustrator. Frequent contributor to the comic anthologies RAW and Weirdo. Wikipedia

  • American freelance illustrator and cartoonist. Since 1989, his illustrations have appeared in publications including Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal and others, and his comic book work has appeared in DC Comics publications. Wikipedia


    Sentences forGerald Scarfe

    • The "Rabelaisian gnome", as the character was called, was enlarged by Gerald Scarfe, and put on the front cover of issue 69 in 1964 at full size.Private Eye-Wikipedia
    • In 2013 the Rook & Raven Gallery in London hosted an exhibition of a selection of Wyman's images which had been reworked by artists including Gerald Scarfe.Bill Wyman-Wikipedia
    • British cartoonist Gerald Scarfe was recruited as production designer and produced over seven hundred visualization designs of the characters.Hercules (1997 film)-Wikipedia
    • Issues of the album would include the lettering of the artist name and album title by cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, either as a sticker on sleeve wrapping or printed onto the cover itself, in either black or red.The Wall-Wikipedia
    • Pink Floyd hired Bob Ezrin to co-produce the album and cartoonist Gerald Scarfe to illustrate the sleeve art.Roger Waters-Wikipedia
    • The opening titles were drawn by artist and cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, who provided distinctive caricatures of Eddington, Hawthorne and Fowlds in their respective roles to represent distortion.Yes Minister-Wikipedia

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