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Mutual benefit and cultural association of German Americans founded in New York City in 1847 that was at one time the largest German secret society in the United States. Wikipedia

  • Ridgewood Savings Bank

    Largest mutual savings bank in New York State and was founded in 1921. It operates 35 branches across New York City's five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester County. Wikipedia

  • Vulcan Society

    Fraternal organization of black firefighters in New York City, United States. Following the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson ("separate but equal") Supreme Court decision and the 1898 election of Governor Theodore Roosevelt, employment opportunities for black men began to slowly expand. Wikipedia

  • Sons of Hermann

    Mutual aid society for German immigrants that was formed in New York City on July 20, 1840, and remains active in the states of California, Ohio, and Texas today. Open to members of any heritage today, the order provides low-cost insurance and mutual aid and has historically promoted the preservation of German language and traditions. Wikipedia

  • Aztec Club of 1847

    Military society founded in 1847 by United States Army officers of the Mexican–American War. It exists as a hereditary organization including members who can trace a direct lineal connection to those originally eligible. Wikipedia

  • Established in 1910 in New York City. Established in 1910 in New York City for "the promotion of the sentiment of brotherhood" among the American nations, and "especially the cultivation of good fellowship" between the people of the United States and those of Central America and South America. Wikipedia

  • Red Dragon Society

    Secret society based at New York University, in New York, New York. The Red Dragon has long held the title to the most selective society at NYU, and has been known for its secrecy since its founding in 1898. Wikipedia


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