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Anglo-Saxon thane and landowner mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 as a tenant of Howel in modern Herefordshire. Wikipedia

  • Beorma

    Name most commonly given to the circa 7th century Anglo-Saxon founder or later leader of the settlement now known as the English city of Birmingham before its first mention in 1086. Known by an unknown name or as it in Norman times came to be recorded in an established two-part form "Beorma's ham" or "Beorma-inga-ham" ("homestead of the tribe/people of/related to..."). Wikipedia

  • Mid-11th century Anglo-Saxon thegn and sheriff in Worcestershire, England. One of the leading nobles of the county at the Norman Conquest of England. Wikipedia

  • Wulfric Spot

    Anglo-Saxon nobleman. Important document from the reign of King Æthelred the Unready. Wikipedia

  • Wulfrun

    Anglo-Saxon (early English) noble woman of Mercia and a landowner who held estates in Staffordshire. Particularly remembered for her association with Hēatūn, Anglo-Saxon for "high or principal farm or enclosure", which she was granted in a charter by King Æthelred II in 985, and where she endowed a collegiate church in 994. Wikipedia

  • Odda of Deerhurst

    Anglo-Saxon nobleman active in the period from 1013 onwards. He became a leading magnate in 1051, following the exile of Godwin, Earl of Wessex and his sons and the confiscation of their property and earldoms, when King Edward the Confessor appointed Odda as earl over a portion of the vacated territory. Wikipedia

  • Eleventh-century Anglo-Norman landowner in Cornwall and Devon, mentioned in the Domesday Book. In the 13th century his estates formed part of the Feudal barony of Cardinham, Cornwall, and in 1166 as recorded in the Cartae Baronum his estates had been held as a separate fiefdom from Reginald, Earl of Cornwall. Wikipedia


    Sentences forGodric of Mappestone

    • Goodrich Castle was probably built by Godric of Mappestone after the Norman invasion of England, initially as an earth and wooden fortification.Goodrich Castle-Wikipedia
    • Goodrich Castle was first known as Castellum Godrici after Godric of Mappestone, the builder of the first castle on the site.Goodrich, Herefordshire-Wikipedia
    • It is classed by Mr. Moody as a manor identical with the Domesday entry of Ovingefort, then held by Godric the king's thegn.Horringford Manor-Wikipedia
    • Goodrich Castle appears to have been in existence by 1101, when it was known as Godric's Castle, named probably after Godric of Mappestone, a local Anglo-Saxon thane and landowner mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.Goodrich Castle-Wikipedia

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