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Radioactive contamination accident that occurred on September 13, 1987, in Goiânia, in the Brazilian state of Goiás, after a forgotten radiotherapy source was taken from an abandoned hospital site in the city. Wikipedia

  • Chernobyl disaster

    Nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the No. 4 nuclear reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR. Wikipedia

  • Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

    Nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma, Fukushima Prefecture. The most severe nuclear accident since the 26 April 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the only other disaster to be given the Level 7 event classification of the International Nuclear Event Scale. Wikipedia

  • 1982 Bukit Merah radioactive pollution

    Radioactive waste pollution incident in Bukit Merah of Kinta District in Central Perak, Malaysia. The outcome of the pollution case taking several years to complete with no acknowledgement of responsibilities from companies involved despite the closure of factory in 1994 that become the source of pollution. Wikipedia

  • Explosion occurred in a Dōnen plant, and on 30 September 1999, a serious criticality accident happened in a JCO plant. Wikipedia

  • Nyonoksa radiation accident

    The Nyonoksa radiation accident, Arkhangelsk explosion or Nyonoksa explosion (Russian: Инцидент в Нёноксе, Intsident v Nyonokse) occurred on 8 August 2019 near Nyonoksa, a village under the administrative jurisdiction of Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russian Federation. Five military and civilian specialists were killed and three (or six, depending on the source) were injured. Wikipedia

  • Detected in the rivers near Barcarena, Pará, Brazil, on February 16, 2018 by Brazilian authorities. The leakage of toxic waste from a tailing dam due to excessive rain. Wikipedia

  • Vandellòs I Nuclear Accident

    Fire that caused an interruption of the cooling system in the nuclear reactor of Vandellòs, Catalonia on 19 October 1989. At the end of Francoist Spain, France sold Spain a UNGG reactor. Wikipedia

  • 2009 Brazil and Paraguay blackout

    Power outage that occurred throughout much of Brazil and for a short time the entirety of Paraguay, on Tuesday, November 10, to Friday, 20 November, 2009, at approximately 22:15 BST. Estimated 60 million people in Brazil. Wikipedia

  • Taxpayer March on Washington

    Tea Party protest march from Freedom Plaza to the United States Capitol held on September 12, 2009, in Washington, D.C. The event coincided with similar protests organized in various cities across the nation. The protesters rallied against what they consider big government, the dismantling of free market capitalism, abortion, and President Barack Obama's proposals on health care reform, taxation, and federal spending, among other issues. Wikipedia

  • 1954 Kumbh Mela stampede

    Stampede that occurred in 1954 at Kumbha Mela on 3 February 1954 in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh state in India. The main bathing day of Mauni Amavasya , when the incident took place. Wikipedia

  • Ahmed Mohamed clock incident

    Arrested on September 14, 2015, at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, for bringing a reassembled digital clock to school. The incident ignited allegations of racial profiling and Islamophobia from many media and commentators. Wikipedia

  • Costa Concordia disaster

    Underwater rock off Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, resulting in 32 deaths. On the first leg of a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea when she deviated from her planned route at the Isola del Giglio, sailed closer to the island, and struck a rock formation on the sea floor. Wikipedia

  • Tear down this wall!

    Speech delivered by United States President Ronald Reagan in West Berlin on Friday, June 12, 1987. Reagan called for the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to open the Berlin Wall, which had separated West and East Berlin since 1961. Wikipedia

  • The 2015 Bahia landslide occurred on 28 April 2015 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The landslide killed at least 14 people. Wikipedia

  • The Ribbon Creek incident occurred on the night of April 8, 1956, when Staff Sergeant Matthew McKeon, a junior drill instructor at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, marched his assigned platoon into Ribbon Creek, a swampy tidal creek. The incident resulted in the deaths of six US Marine Corps recruits. Wikipedia

  • Mariana dam disaster

    The Mariana dam disaster, also known as the Bento Rodrigues or Samarco dam disaster, occurred on 5 November 2015, when the Fundão tailings dam at the Germano iron ore mine of the Samarco Mariana Mining Complex near Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil, suffered a catastrophic failure, resulting in flooding that devastated the downstream villages of Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo (40 km (25 mi) from Bento Rodrigues), killing 19 people. Largest ever recorded with pollutants spread along 668 km of watercourses. Wikipedia

  • Brumadinho dam disaster

    The Brumadinho dam disaster occurred on 25 January 2019 when Dam I, a tailings dam at the Córrego do Feijão iron ore mine, 9 km east of Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil, suffered a catastrophic failure. Owned by Vale, the same company that was involved in the 2015 Mariana dam disaster. Wikipedia

  • Brazilian Gold Rush

    Gold rush that started in the 1690s, in the then Portuguese colony of Brazil in the Portuguese Empire. The gold rush opened up the major gold-producing area of Ouro Preto (Portuguese for black gold), then the aptly named Vila Rica ("Rich Town"). Wikipedia

  • Responses to the West African Ebola virus epidemic

    Organizations from around the world responded to the West African Ebola virus epidemic. Emergency meeting with health ministers from eleven countries and announced collaboration on a strategy to co-ordinate technical support to combat the epidemic. Wikipedia

  • Shooting of Michael Brown

    18-year-old African American man, was fatally shot by 28-year-old white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Accompanied by his 22-year-old friend Dorian Johnson. Wikipedia

  • World Youth Day 2011

    The 2011 occurrence of World Youth Day, a Catholic event held from August 16–21, 2011 in Madrid, Spain focused on youth. Media estimated the event's attendance as over a million or 1.5 million. Wikipedia

  • Johnny Stompanato homicide

    On the evening of April 4, 1958, 14-year-old Cheryl Crane stabbed 32-year-old Johnny Stompanato, the boyfriend of her mother, actress Lana Turner, at Turner's rented home in Beverly Hills, California, United States. Ex-Marine and affiliate of the Cohen crime family, had been in a year-long relationship with Turner which had been rocky and marked with physical abuse. Wikipedia

  • Discovered dead at the Spreckels Mansion in Coronado, California, where she lived with her boyfriend Jonah Shacknai, a millionaire and the CEO of Medicis Pharmaceutical. Zahau's death occurred two days after Shacknai's 6-year-old son Max took a fatal fall from a staircase banister in the same beachfront mansion. Wikipedia

  • March of the Living

    Annual educational program which brings students from around the world to Poland, where they explore the remnants of the Holocaust. On Holocaust Memorial Day observed in the Jewish calendar (Yom HaShoah), thousands of participants march silently from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration camp complex built during World War II. Wikipedia

  • 2016 Summer Olympics closing ceremony

    Held on 21 August 2016 from 20:00 to 22:50 BRT at the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As per traditional Olympic protocol, the ceremony featured cultural presentations from both the current (Brazil) and following (Japan) host countries, as well as closing remarks by International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach and the leader of the Games' organizing committee Carlos Arthur Nuzman, the official handover of the Olympic flag from Rio de Janeiro mayor Eduardo Paes to Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike, whose city will host the 2020 Summer Olympics, and the extinguishing of the Olympic flame. Wikipedia

  • June 1962 Alcatraz escape attempt

    Prison break from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, a maximum-security facility located on an island in San Francisco Bay, undertaken by inmates Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin. The three men were able to escape from their cells and leave the island in a makeshift raft. Wikipedia


Sentences forGoiânia accident

  • The sources can be also lost and mishandled, as in the Goiânia accident, during which several people suffered external beta burns and more serious gamma burns, and several died.Radiation burn-Wikipedia
  • This normality is similarly seen in the children of the survivors of the Goiana accident.Chernobyl disaster-Wikipedia
  • For an example of an accident involving radioactive scrap originating from a hospital see the Goiânia accident.Radioactive waste-Wikipedia
  • Acute radiation sickness due to ingestion of radioactive material is possible, but rare; examples include the 1987 contamination of Leide das Neves Ferreira and the 2006 poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.Acute radiation syndrome-Wikipedia
  • * Goiânia accidentGoiás-Wikipedia
  • Of note is the public reaction to the Goiânia accident, in which over 100,000 people admitted themselves to monitoring, while only 49 were admitted to hospitals.Dirty bomb-Wikipedia
  • Spread of 137 CsCl powder from a 93-gram container in 1987 in Goiânia, Brazil, resulted in one of the worst-ever radiation spill accidents killing four and directly affecting more than 100,000 people.Caesium chloride-Wikipedia
  • For example, if a radionuclide used in nuclear medicine is spilled (accidentally or, as in the case of the Goiânia accident, through ignorance), the material could be spread by people as they walk around.Radioactive contamination-Wikipedia
  • This generated fears of contamination among the population of nearby cities, with people often mentioning the Goiânia accident, causing the authorities to remove the materials following an outcry.Fordlândia-Wikipedia
  • A classic example is radioactivity in scrap; the Goiânia accident and the Mayapuri radiological accident were incidents involving radioactive materials.Scrap-Wikipedia
  • The best known example of this type of event is the Goiânia accident in Brazil.Nuclear and radiation accidents and incidents-Wikipedia
  • This is related to the more famous Goiânia accident, where a related chain of events caused members of the public to be exposed to radiation sources.Industrial radiography-Wikipedia
  • In particular, it was used to absorb from those poisoned in the Goiânia accident.Prussian blue-Wikipedia
  • A large amount of caesium was released during the Goiânia accident where a radioactive source (made for medical use) was stolen and then smashed open during an attempt to convert it into scrap metal.Environmental radioactivity-Wikipedia
  • Small amounts of caesium-134 and caesium-137 were released into the environment during nearly all nuclear weapon tests and some nuclear accidents, most notably the Goiânia accident and the Chernobyl disaster.Alkali metal-Wikipedia
  • However, in the Goiânia accident in Brazil, such a source containing about 93 gram of 137 CsCl, was stolen from an abandoned hospital and forced open by two scavengers.Caesium chloride-Wikipedia
  • Clinical trials of sargramostim were initiated in 1987; in that same year it was administered to six people as part of a compassionate-use protocol for the victims of cesium irradiation from the Goiânia accident.Sargramostim-Wikipedia
  • A notorious incident of neglect in disposing of a high level source was the Goiânia accident, which resulted in several fatalities.Radioactive source-Wikipedia
  • In the Goiânia accident of 1987, an improperly disposed of radiation therapy system from an abandoned clinic in Goiânia, Brazil, was removed then cracked to be sold in junkyards, and the glowing caesium salt sold to curious, unadvised buyers.Caesium-137-Wikipedia
  • Devair Alves Ferreira received a large dose (7.0 Gy) during the Goiânia accident, and lived, whereas his wife, who got a dose of 5.7 Gy, died.Radioresistance-Wikipedia
  • In 1987, he was asked by the government of Brazil to coordinate medical relief efforts for the Goiânia accident.Robert Peter Gale-Wikipedia
  • (> ~0.1 Gy/h) This might be the result of a nuclear explosion, a criticality accident, a radiotherapy accident as in Therac-25, a solar flare during interplanetary travel, misplacement of radioactive waste as in the 1987 Goiânia accident, human error in a nuclear reactor, or other possibilities.Acute radiation syndrome-Wikipedia
  • The remaining radioactive waste from the 1987 radiological accident in Goiânia, Goiás, was quickly transferred to the nearby city of Abadia, generating resistance from local residents suspicious of risks associated with nuclear material.Nuclear activities in Brazil-Wikipedia
  • One example is the radiological accident occurring in Goiânia, Brazil, between September 1987 and March 1988: Two metal scavengers broke into an abandoned radiotherapy clinic and removed a teletherapy source capsule containing powdered caesium-137 with an activity of 50 TBq.Dirty bomb-Wikipedia
  • Examples include the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning and Leide das Neves Ferreira.Committed dose-Wikipedia
  • Serious radiation incidents/accidents include the Kyshtym disaster, the Windscale fire, the radiotherapy accident in Costa Rica, the radiotherapy accident in Zaragoza, the radiation accident in Morocco, the Goiania accident, the radiation accident in Mexico City, the radiotherapy unit accident in Thailand, and the Mayapuri radiological accident in India.Nuclear and radiation accidents and incidents-Wikipedia
  • *September 13, 1987 – Goiania accident.List of nuclear and radiation fatalities by country-Wikipedia
  • *Goiânia accident, an incident of radioactive contamination in central Brazil with some similarities.Thine Own Self-Wikipedia
  • Serious nuclear and radiation accidents include the Chalk River accidents (1952, 1958 & 2008), Mayak disaster (1957), Windscale fire (1957), SL-1 accident (1961), Soviet submarine K-19 accident (1961), Three Mile Island accident (1979), Church Rock uranium mill spill (1979), Soviet submarine K-431 accident (1985), Goiânia accident (1987), Zaragoza radiotherapy accident (1990), Costa Rica radiotherapy accident (1996), Tokaimura nuclear accident (1999), Sellafield THORP leak (2005), and the Flerus IRE cobalt-60 spill (2006).Nuclear safety and security-Wikipedia
  • The decontamination after the Goiânia accident in Brazil 1987 and the possibility of a "dirty bomb" with Co-60, which has similarities with the environment that one would be faced with after a nuclear yielding cobalt bomb's fallout had settled, has prompted the invention of "Sequestration Coatings" and cheap liquid phase sorbents for Co-60 that would further aid in decontamination, including that of water.Cobalt bomb-Wikipedia

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