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Debut studio album by Canadian band Barenaked Ladies. Wikipedia

  • Barenaked Ladies

    Canadian rock band formed in 1988 in Scarborough, Ontario. The band developed a cult following in Canada, with their self-titled 1991 cassette becoming the first independent release to be certified gold in Canada. Wikipedia

  • Barenaked Ladies discography

    The discography of Canadian alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies consists of 12 primary studio albums, three themed studio albums, 41 singles, two live albums, two greatest hits compilations, and three video releases. This list does not include material recorded by band members individually or with other side projects. Wikipedia

  • Brian Wilson (song)

    Song by Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies from their 1992 album Gordon. Written by Steven Page as a tribute to the Beach Boys' co-founder Brian Wilson. Wikipedia

  • Born on a Pirate Ship

    Third full-length studio album by Barenaked Ladies (BNL), featuring the songs "Shoe Box", "The Old Apartment", "When I Fall" and "Break Your Heart". "The Old Apartment" would become BNL's first US hit in 1997. Wikipedia

  • If I Had $1000000

    Song by the Canadian musical group Barenaked Ladies from their album Gordon. Live show staple, despite never having been a true single and without an accompanying music video. Wikipedia

  • Rock Spectacle

    First live album by Barenaked Ladies. Also the first major success for the band in the United States, selling over one million copies and producing a hit single in the country in its version of "Brian Wilson." Wikipedia


    Sentences forGordon (album)

    • The band's first full album, Gordon, was released in July 1992 and was a big success in Canada; by the end of August, it had already been certified platinum.Barenaked Ladies-Wikipedia
    • The song also reached No. 5 in the UK, and helped revitalize their career in the band's home country of Canada, where their fame had diminished since the days of their debut album Gordon.Stunt (album)-Wikipedia
    • They reached mainstream success in Canada when their debut with Reprise Records, Gordon, featuring the singles "If I Had $1000000" and "Brian Wilson", was released in 1992.Barenaked Ladies-Wikipedia
    • He has received a writing credit on only three songs in the band's catalogue: "Grade 9" from Gordon, "Why Say Anything Nice?"Tyler Stewart-Wikipedia
    • The band also noted that there was no "naked track" (a song recorded with all the band members naked, started on Gordon with "King of Bedside Manor") for this album, saying that it had gotten old.Barenaked Ladies Are Me-Wikipedia
    • Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies' debut single was "Be My Yoko Ono", first released in 1990 and later appearing on their 1992 album Gordon.Yoko Ono-Wikipedia

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