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System or group of people governing an organized community, generally a state. Wikipedia

  • Politics

    Set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status. Referred to as political science. Wikipedia

  • Monarchy

    Form of government in which a person, the monarch, is head of state for life or until abdication. The political legitimacy and authority of the monarch may vary from purely symbolic (crowned republic), to restricted (constitutional monarchy), to fully autocratic (absolute monarchy), and can expand across the domains of the executive, legislative and judicial. Wikipedia

  • Term used by some classical Greek authors to describe what they considered as the cycle of governments in a society. Roughly based on the history of Greek city-states in the same period. Wikipedia

  • History of democracy

    Political system, or a system of decision-making within an institution or organization or a country, in which all members have an equal share of power. International legalistic framework of similarly sovereign states. Wikipedia

  • Head of state

    Public persona who officially embodies a state in its unity and legitimacy. Also commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces). Wikipedia

  • Separation of powers

    Approach to governing a state. Divided into branches, each with separate, independent powers and responsibilities so that the powers of one branch are not in conflict with those of the other branches. Wikipedia


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