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Coterminous town-village in Albany County, New York, United States some 8 miles north of Albany, New York. Wikipedia


    Sentences forGreen Island, New York

    • Within Albany County, the city has the town of Colonie to its northwest, west, and south; with the town and village of Green Island to the south of Van Schaick Island.Cohoes, New York-Wikipedia
    • The town and village of Green Island was also split off as a town from the town of Watervliet a year later and the village of West Troy that remained became the current city of Watervliet.Colonie, New York-Wikipedia
    • His grandfather, Jack McNulty, Sr., was chairman of the Green Island, New York Democratic Party from 1919 to 1969, and Michael McNulty's father, Jack Jr., followed Jack McNulty Sr. as chairman.Michael R. McNulty-Wikipedia
    • It is, however, signed on Interstate 91 at Exit 2 in Brattleboro and Interstate 787 at Exit 9E in Green Island, New York.Bennington, Vermont-Wikipedia
    • By 1895, what was known as the town of Watervliet was reduced to the present-day city of Watervliet (village of West Troy at the time), town of Colonie, and the village/town of Green Island.Watervliet, New York-Wikipedia
    • The smallest town, Green Island (Albany County), covers 0.7 sqmi.Administrative divisions of New York (state)-Wikipedia

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