Military conflicts similar to or like Gulf War

War waged by coalition forces from 35 nations led by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait arising from oil pricing and production disputes. Wikipedia

  • List of wars involving the Kingdom of Thailand, its predecessor states, and by Siamese people, from antiquity to the present day. It also includes wars fought outside Thailand by Thailand military. Wikipedia

  • 2003 invasion of Iraq

    The first stage of the Iraq War. The invasion phase began on 19 March 2003 (air) and 20 March 2003 (ground) and lasted just over one month, including 26 days of major combat operations, in which a combined force of troops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq. Wikipedia

  • Coalition of the Gulf War

    Under United Nations Security Council Resolution 678, a coalition of 35 countries, led by the United States, fought Iraq in the Gulf War from 1990–1991. Engineering and recovery vehicles Wikipedia

  • Iraq War

    Protracted armed conflict that began in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition that overthrew the government of Saddam Hussein. Insurgency emerged to oppose the occupying forces and the post-invasion Iraqi government. Wikipedia

  • Gulf War air campaign

    Extensive aerial bombing campaign from 17 January 1991 to 23 February 1991. The Coalition of the Gulf War flew over 100,000 sorties, dropping 88,500 tons of bombs, widely destroying military and civilian infrastructure. Wikipedia

  • Iran–Iraq War

    Protracted armed conflict that began on 22 September 1980 when Iraq invaded neighbouring Iran. The war lasted almost eight years, ending in a stalemate on 20 August 1988 when Iran accepted a UN-brokered ceasefire. Wikipedia


    Sentences forGulf War

    • In January 1991 Operation Desert Storm commenced, a U.S.-led coalition which deployed over 500,000 troops, the bulk of them from U.S. Army formations, to drive out Iraqi forces.United States Army-Wikipedia
    • In 1991 Pakistan got involved with the Gulf War and sent 5,000 troops as part of a US-led coalition, specifically for the defence of Saudi Arabia.Pakistan-Wikipedia
    • The sanctions prohibited Iraq from exporting oil until 1996 and Iraq's output declined by 85% in the years following the First Gulf War.Iraq-Wikipedia
    • Canada also joined the Gulf War in 1990 as part of a United States–led coalition force and was active in several peacekeeping missions in the 1990s, including the UNPROFOR mission in the former Yugoslavia.Canada-Wikipedia
    • In addition to Vietnam and the two world wars, New Zealand fought in the Second Boer War, the Korean War, the Malayan Emergency, the Gulf War, and the Afghanistan War.New Zealand-Wikipedia
    • The British Army contributed 50,000 troops to the coalition which fought Iraq in the Persian Gulf War, and British forces controlled Kuwait after its liberation.British Army-Wikipedia

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