Bodies of water similar to or like Gulf of Aqaba

Large gulf at the northern tip of the Red Sea, east of the Sinai Peninsula and west of the Arabian Peninsula. Wikipedia

  • Red Sea

    Seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia. In the south, through the Bab el Mandeb strait and the Gulf of Aden. Wikipedia

  • Straits of Tiran

    The Straits of Tiran (مضيق تيران Maḍīq Tīrān) are the narrow sea passages between the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas which separate the Gulf of Aqaba from the Red Sea proper. About 13 km. The body is named after Tiran Island located at its entrance 5 or from the Sinai, on which the Multinational Force and Observers has an observation post to monitor the compliance of Egypt in maintaining freedom of navigation of the straits as provided under the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty. Wikipedia

  • Sinai Peninsula

    Peninsula in Egypt, and the only part of the country located in Asia. Between the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the south, and is a land bridge between Asia and Africa. Wikipedia

  • Gulf of Suez

    Gulf at the northern end of the Red Sea, to the west of the Sinai Peninsula. Smaller Gulf of Aqaba. Wikipedia

  • Sharm El Sheikh

    Egyptian city on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in South Sinai Governorate, on the coastal strip along the Red Sea. Approximately 73,000. Wikipedia

  • Nuweiba

    Coastal town in the eastern part of Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. Inhabited by two different Bedouin tribes: the Tarabin to the north, and the Muzeina, some 8 km to the south. Wikipedia


    Sentences forGulf of Aqaba

    • On 3 November, Israeli Mystere fighter jets attacked a British warship, the Black Swan class sloop HMS Crane as it was patrolling the approaches to the Gulf of Aqaba.Suez Crisis-Wikipedia
    • A hierarchical planning approach was adopted for the Gulf of Aqaba, whereby their components were evaluated and subdivided into zones, cities and centers.Sharm El Sheikh-Wikipedia
    • Jordan has a 26 km shoreline on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, but is otherwise landlocked.Jordan-Wikipedia
    • Egypt also closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, and blockaded the Gulf of Aqaba, in contravention of the Constantinople Convention of 1888.Suez Crisis-Wikipedia
    • It is unclear exactly when, but during that same year, he attacked and captured the Crusader castle of Eilat, built on an island off the head of the Gulf of Aqaba.Saladin-Wikipedia
    • In antiquity, Gulf of Aqaba used to be called Gulf of Lihyan.Saudi Arabia-Wikipedia

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