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Medieval sepulchral monument in Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan region. Wikipedia

  • Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

    Landlocked exclave of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The region covers 5502.75 km2 with a population of 414,900, bordering Armenia (border 221 km) to the east and north, Iran (border 179 km) to the south and west, and Turkey (border 8 km) to the northwest. Wikipedia

  • Nakhchivan (city)

    Capital of the eponymous Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan, located 450 km west of Baku. The municipality of Nakhchivan consists of the city of Nakhchivan, the settlement of Əliabad and the villages of Başbaşı, Bulqan, Haciniyyət, Qaraçuq (Garachug), Qaraxanbəyli (Garakhanbeyli), Tumbul, Qarağalıq, and Daşduz. Wikipedia

  • Architectural school of Nakhchivan

    One of architectural schools developed in medieval ages on the territory of modern Azerbaijan. Founded by Ajami Nakhchivani in the 12th century. Wikipedia

  • Palace of Nakhchivan Khans

    Historical and architectural monument of the 18th century located in Nakhchivan. The residence of the Nakhchivan khans before the early 20th century. Wikipedia

  • One of monumental constructions of the Atabegs’ Architectural Complex in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. Documented in images and photos from the 19th century. Wikipedia

  • Geysariyye Monument

    Historical and architectural monument of the 17th century located in Ordubad, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. One the Turco-Islamic monuments of Nakhchivan. Wikipedia


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