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Type of head restraint, a safety device in motorsports. Wikipedia

  • Hutchens device

    Device for protecting race car drivers in the event of an accident by controlling head movement, reducing head and neck injuries due to whiplash. It consists of a series of straps, attached to the helmet and connected across the chest and at the waist, depending on the lap belt for anchoring. Wikipedia


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  • Earnhardt's death prompted NASCAR to require all drivers to use the "HANS device" (Head And Neck Support Device), a device that keeps the driver's neck from going forward in a wreck.NASCAR-Wikipedia
  • NASCAR implemented rigorous safety improvements, such as mandating the HANS device, which Earnhardt refused to wear after finding it restrictive and uncomfortable.Dale Earnhardt-Wikipedia
  • This was before NASCAR mandated the use of the HANS device to reduce the risk of catastrophic head and neck injuries, and the "SAFER" (Steel and Foam Energy Reduction) barriers used at all NASCAR tracks today.Darrell Waltrip-Wikipedia
  • In 2004, whilst racing for Sauber, Fisichella became the first driver in Formula 1 to have his HANS device painted in his colours, Massa followed soon after and then the rest of the grid had theirs painted.Giancarlo Fisichella-Wikipedia
  • HANS device are required by Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters drivers since 2002 season that meets or exceeds FIA 8858-2010 certification approval.Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters-Wikipedia
  • Downing, a champion sports car racer, and his brother-in-law Hubbard, were in the process of developing the HANS device, which had just begun production.J. D. McDuffie-Wikipedia
  • Following the extensive investigation into Earnhardt's death, results from which were released on August 21, 2001, NASCAR did not make any immediate changes regarding use of the HANS device.Death of Dale Earnhardt-Wikipedia
  • F1 drivers now also wear a HANS Head and Neck Restraint device similar to that worn by their Formula One automobile racing counterparts to combat head and neck injuries.Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship-Wikipedia
  • As one official grabbed his right arm, he threw his HANS device at Mears' circulating car on the next lap, which ricocheted off it.2006 Coca-Cola 600-Wikipedia
  • Two weeks before the Grand Prix, the FIA announced drivers would no longer be granted dispensation to compete in Formula One races without wearing a HANS device.2003 Brazilian Grand Prix-Wikipedia
  • This brought out the fourth caution of the race on lap 161; Hamlin subsequently threw his HANS device at Harvick's car.2014 Irwin Tools Night Race-Wikipedia
  • In 2002, the DTM also introduced the HANS device to increase driver safety and reduce injuries from accidents.Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters-Wikipedia
  • The recommendations of the committee led to significantly more stringent crash tests for racing vehicles, new safety standards for helmets and race suits, and the eventual introduction of the HANS device as compulsory in all international racing series.Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile-Wikipedia
  • Later at Talladega Superspeedway in the Busch Series Aaron's 312, Busch flipped his car seven times in a wreck with Tony Stewart and Casey Mears, causing his HANS device to crack from the force of the wreck.Kyle Busch-Wikipedia
  • Changes were made to the interior to enable the use of the HANS device.Porsche 911 GT3-Wikipedia
  • Third is the use of the HANS device.National Hot Rod Association-Wikipedia
  • The safety features of the barrier, the HANS device and the Car of Tomorrow racecar protected him.Michael McDowell (racing driver)-Wikipedia
  • Drivers must wear FIA-specification helmets and use the Head And Neck Support (HANS) restraint system.Formula BMW-Wikipedia
  • In the interior changes are made to enable the use of the HANS device.Porsche Supercup-Wikipedia
  • 2003 also saw a major leap forward in Formula One safety, with the HANS device being made a mandatory requirement for drivers to wear at all races beginning from the Australian Grand Prix onwards.2003 Formula One World Championship-Wikipedia
  • NASCAR mandated use of the HANS or Hutchens device in its top three series on October 17, 2001, with the Hutchens device being phased out in 2005, leaving only the HANS device.Death of Dale Earnhardt-Wikipedia
  • James Downing (born January 4, 1942) is an American former professional race car driver, he is a five-time IMSA Championship winner, owner/driver of Downing/Atlanta Racing, and was principal in the development of the HANS device.Jim Downing-Wikipedia
  • The association subsequently pressed for improvements to car and circuit safety in the wake of Imola and other serious crashes during the 1994 season; for, the FIA mandated the use of the HANS device, designed to prevent the type of injury suffered by Ratzenberger.1994 San Marino Grand Prix-Wikipedia
  • King interviewed Dr. Robert Hubbard, the 2001 co-recipient of the Louis Schwitzer Award for development of the HANS device.2001 Indianapolis 500-Wikipedia
  • It was also noted that investigators could not determine whether a head and neck support (HANS) device would have saved Earnhardt's life, and that airline-style black boxes would be mandated for all vehicles in order to better understand the forces at work in a crash such as Earnhardt's.Death of Dale Earnhardt-Wikipedia
  • Drivers' and co-drivers' helmets are now required to be equipped with a HANS device.2005 World Rally Championship-Wikipedia
  • He was behind the wheel of Jimmie Johnson's #48 Lowe's Chevrolet Monte Carlo, when it hit a retaining wall going 120 mph. He was not seriously injured, since he was wearing a head-and-neck restraint at the time.Mike Easley-Wikipedia
  • The resulting changes included reducing the capacity and power of engines, the use of grooved tyres to reduce cornering speeds, the introduction of the HANS device to protect drivers' necks in accidents, circuit re-design and greatly increased requirements for crash testing of chassis.Max Mosley-Wikipedia
  • The association subsequently pressed for improvements to car and circuit safety in the wake of Imola and other serious crashes during the 1994 season; for, the FIA mandated the use of the HANS device, designed to prevent the type of injury suffered by Ratzenberger.Roland Ratzenberger-Wikipedia
  • He later extended the principle with the Fitch Full Driver Capsule, by anchoring the helmet to the seatback to prevent basilar skull fracture and hyperextension of the neck, in a manner similar to the function of the HANS device.John Fitch (racing driver)-Wikipedia

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