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Capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Wikipedia

  • History of Halifax (former city)

    Originally inhabited by the Mi'kmaq. The first European settlers to arrive in the future Halifax region were French, in the early 1600s, establishing the colony of Acadia. Wikipedia

  • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

    Former city and current community located in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, Canada. Located on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour. Wikipedia

  • Nova Scotia

    Province in eastern Canada, with Nova Scotia being Latin for "New Scotland". Most populous of Canada's four Atlantic provinces. Wikipedia

  • Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia

    Rural community on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. Located in the eastern reaches of the Halifax Regional Municipality, approximately 117 km northeast of the central urban area of the municipality, concentrated on Downtown Halifax and Dartmouth. Wikipedia

  • Bedford, Nova Scotia

    Suburban community of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Independent town from 1980 to 1996. Wikipedia

  • Cape Breton Regional Municipality

    Canadian province of Nova Scotia's second largest municipality and the economic heart of Cape Breton Island. As of 2016 the municipality has a population of 94,285. Wikipedia


    Sentences forHalifax, Nova Scotia

    • General Howe transported his resupplied army, with the British fleet, from Halifax to New York, knowing the city was key to securing the continent.George Washington-Wikipedia
    • In September 1814, John Coape Sherbrooke led 3,000 British troops from his base in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the "Penobscot Expedition".War of 1812-Wikipedia
    • She arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia eight days later.War of 1812-Wikipedia
    • Nova Scotia's capital and largest city is Halifax, which today is home to about 45 percent of the province's population.Nova Scotia-Wikipedia
    • A post office for local and outgoing mail had been established in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by local stationer Benjamin Leigh, on April 23, 1754, but service was irregular.Benjamin Franklin-Wikipedia
    • The city is the largest in the province and the second largest in the Atlantic Provinces after Halifax, Nova Scotia.St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador-Wikipedia

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