Military ranks similar to or like Hauptscharführer

Nazi paramilitary rank which was used by the Schutzstaffel between the years of 1934 and 1945. Wikipedia

  • Uniforms and insignia of the Schutzstaffel

    The uniforms and insignia of the Schutzstaffel were paramilitary ranks and uniforms used by the Schutzstaffel (SS) between 1925 and 1945 to differentiate that organization from the regular German armed forces, the German state, and the Nazi Party. Most well known. Wikipedia

  • Unterscharführer

    Paramilitary rank of the Nazi Party used by the Schutzstaffel between 1934 and 1945. Created after the Night of the Long Knives. Wikipedia

  • Untersturmführer

    Paramilitary rank of the German Schutzstaffel (SS) first created in July 1934. The rank can trace its origins to the older SA rank of Sturmführer which had existed since the founding of the SA in 1921. Wikipedia

  • Sturmscharführer

    Nazi rank of the Waffen-SS that existed between 1934 and 1945. The most senior enlisted rank in the Waffen-SS, the equivalent of a regimental sergeant major, in other military organizations. Wikipedia

  • Oberscharführer

    Nazi Party paramilitary rank that existed between 1932 and 1945. First used as a rank of the Sturmabteilung and was created due to an expansion of the enlisted positions required by growing SA membership in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Wikipedia

  • Units and commands of the Schutzstaffel were organizational titles used by the SS to describe the many groups, forces, and formations that existed within the SS from its inception in 1923 to the eventual fall of Nazi Germany in 1945. The SS unit nomenclature can be divided into several different types of organizations, mainly the early titles used by the SS, SS unit titles of the Allgemeine SS, the military formation titles used by the Waffen-SS, titles of commands associated with the SS Security Police, and special units titles used by such SS organizations as the mobile death squad units of the Einsatzgruppen. Wikipedia


    Sentences forHauptscharführer

    • Eichmann was promoted to SS-Hauptscharführer (head squad leader) in 1936 and was commissioned as an SS-Untersturmführer (second lieutenant) the following year.Adolf Eichmann-Wikipedia
    • Evidence presented at Göth's trial indicates he delegated this task to a subordinate, SS-Hauptscharführer Josef Grzimek, who was sent to assist camp commandant SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Kellermann with mass killings.Amon Göth-Wikipedia
    • Franz's deputy was Hauptscharführer Fritz Küttner, who maintained a network of informers among the prisoners and did the hands-on killings.Treblinka extermination camp-Wikipedia
    • Kempka left the bunker complex on the following night of 1 May along with SS-Hauptscharführer Heinrich Doose, a driver who was part of his staff.Erich Kempka-Wikipedia
    • Within the Allgemeine, or "General" SS, promotion to the rank of Untersturmführer required satisfactory service in the enlisted SS ranks with an SS member holding the rank of Hauptscharführer before consideration could be given for an officer's commission.Untersturmführer-Wikipedia
    • Sturmscharführer as a proper rank was unique to the Waffen-SS and was not used in the Allgemeine-SS (general-SS), where the highest enlisted rank was Hauptscharführer.Sturmscharführer-Wikipedia

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