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Prejudice or discrimination against individuals based on height. Wikipedia

  • Sexism

    Prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. Clear and broad consensus among academic scholars in multiple fields that sexism refers primarily to discrimination against women, and primarily affects women. Wikipedia

  • Hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. Called an antisemite. Wikipedia

  • Ageism

    Stereotyping and/or discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. This may be casual or systematic. Wikipedia

  • Any discrimination against any individual on the basis of their skin color, or racial or ethnic origin. Individuals can discriminate by refusing to do business with, socialize with, or share resources with people of a certain group. Wikipedia

  • Any program designed to facilitate positive intergroup interaction, reduce prejudice and discrimination, and generally teach individuals who are different from others how to work together effectively. Defined as raising personal awareness about individual differences in the workplace and how those differences inhibit or enhance the way people work together and get work done. In the narrowest sense, it is education about compliance – affirmative action , equal employment opportunity (EEO), and sexual harassment." Wikipedia

  • Post-racial America

    Theoretical environment in which the United States is free from racial preference, discrimination, and prejudice. In an October 5, 1971, article in The New York Times titled "Compact Set Up for 'Post-Racial' South". Wikipedia


    Sentences forHeight discrimination

    • Staal is impressed with Harris's courage, and declares him an "above average soldier" before disparaging Harris's heightist jokes against him and brainwashing Harris to act as a double agent for the Sontarans.List of UNIT personnel-Wikipedia
    • Examples of these aspects are gender, caste, sex, race, class, sexuality, religion, disability, physical appearance, and height.Intersectionality-Wikipedia

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