Journalists similar to or like Helen Zia

Chinese-American journalist and activist for Asian American and LGBTQ rights. Wikipedia

  • Award-winning Asian American LGBTQ community activist and author. Hom received her B.A from Yale, her M.A. in Asian American Studies from UCLA, and her Ph.D in History from Claremont Graduate University. Wikipedia

  • Michael Petrelis

    American AIDS activist, LGBTQ rights activist, and blogger. Diagnosed with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in 1985 in New York City, New York. Wikipedia

  • Yuji Ichioka

    American historian and civil rights activist best known for his work in ethnic studies, particularly Asian American Studies and for being a leader in the Asian American movement. Considered the preeminent scholar of Japanese American history. Wikipedia

  • Willy Wilkinson

    American writer, public health consultant, LGBTQ activist, and longterm LGBTQ cultural competency trainer from California. Expert in transgender issues, he has worked extensively with health care organizations, educational institutions, businesses and other entities on increasing access for LGBTQ populations. Wikipedia

  • Chinese-American social activist and professor, whose experiences at Northwestern University brought the issue of discrimination against Asian Americans to the fore. The general condemnation of the prejudice exhibited against him presaged later actions in the Asian American movement. Wikipedia

  • Iris Chang

    American journalist, author of historical books and political activist. Best known for her best-selling 1997 account of the Nanking Massacre, The Rape of Nanking, and in 2003, The Chinese in America: A Narrative History. Wikipedia


    Sentences forHelen Zia

    • Helen Zia, author of Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People, wrote that the Chinese business community in Detroit had its peak in the 1920s.History of Chinese Americans in Metro Detroit-Wikipedia
    • Lee and Helen Zia would later write a book, My Country Versus Me, in which he described Risen and Gerth's work as a "hatchet job on me, and a sloppy one at that", and he points out numerous factual errors in Risen and Gerth's reporting.James Risen-Wikipedia
    • Helen Zia, author of Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People, wrote that "Politicians and public figures made irresponsible and unambiguous racial barbs aimed at Japanese people."History of the Japanese in Metro Detroit-Wikipedia
    • Its advisory board included notable Asian American journalists such as Helen Zia and Nguyen Qui Duc, the host of Pacific Time.Hyphen (magazine)-Wikipedia
    • (Profile: "Connie Young Yu, 1941-, writer, Notable Asian Americans, edited by Helen Zia and Susan B. Gall, Detroit: Gale Research, 1995).Connie Young Yu-Wikipedia
    • His anthology of Asian and Pacific Islander prisoner writings, Other: An Asian & Pacific Islander Prisoners' Anthology, was published in March 2009 with a preface from Helen Zia.Eddy Zheng-Wikipedia

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