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Conceived as a legacy project of Expo 86 and the first line was finished in time to showcase the fair's theme: "Transportation and Communication: World in Motion – World in Touch". Wikipedia

  • Expo 86

    World's Fair held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from May 2 until October 13, 1986. Held on the north shore of False Creek. Wikipedia

  • Expo Line (SkyTrain)

    Oldest line of the SkyTrain rapid transit system in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. Owned and operated by BC Rapid Transit Company, a subsidiary of TransLink, and links the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey. Wikipedia

  • Bombardier Transportation

    Canadian rolling stock and rail transport manufacturer, headquartered in Berlin, Germany. One of the world's largest companies in the rail vehicle and equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. Wikipedia

  • Bombardier Innovia Metro

    Current name given to an automated rapid transit system manufactured by Bombardier Transportation. Innovia Metro systems run on conventional metal rails and pull power from a third rail, but are powered by a linear induction motor that provides traction by pulling on a "fourth rail" placed between the running rails. Wikipedia

  • Main Street–Science World station

    Elevated station on the Expo Line of Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain rapid transit system in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Accessible from both sides of Main Street at the intersection of Main Street and Terminal Avenue and is adjacent to Pacific Central Station, the city's inter-city railway and bus terminal. Wikipedia

  • List of Bombardier Transportation products

    Bombardier Transportation produces a wide variety of rail transportation vehicles, including high speed trains, regional, suburban and metro trains, trams, and locomotives as well as passenger carriages. Powered by conventional motors and can also be fully automated. Wikipedia

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