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Mausoleum which serves as the resting place of Vietnamese Revolutionary leader & President Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi, Vietnam. Wikipedia

  • Ho Chi Minh Museum

    Located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Dedicated to the late Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam's revolutionary struggle against foreign powers. Wikipedia

  • Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization

    Communist youth organization operating in Vietnam named after former Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh. It operates as a constituent part of the Communist Party of Vietnam and had approximately 12 million members. Wikipedia

  • Tôn Thất Thiện

    South Vietnamese nationalist of the post-World War II generation who had the rare distinction of serving and watching at close quarters the two historic leaders of post-World War II Vietnam: presidents Ho Chi Minh in the Viet Minh coalition in 1945–46, and Ngô Đình Diệm 1954–55/1956–59/1963. He played a significant though understated role in the nationalist attempt to preserve a non-communist Vietnam. Wikipedia

  • Presidential Palace Historical Site

    Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, is the place where Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in most of his revolutionary life (from December 19, 1954, to September 2, 1969). Listed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Vietnam in 1975. Wikipedia

  • Highway in Vietnam. It runs from the north to the south of Vietnam, west of National Route 1A. Wikipedia

  • Name of a square in Hanoi where president Ho Chi Minh read the Proclamation of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945. Named after the Ba Đình Uprising, an anti-French rebellion that occurred in Vietnam in 1886–1887 as part of the Cần Vương movement. Wikipedia

  • National holiday in Vietnam observed on 2 September, commemorating President Hồ Chí Minh reading the Declarations of independence of Vietnam at Ba Đình Square in Hanoi on 2 September 1945. Country's National Day. Wikipedia

  • Largest social-political organisation of Vietnamese youth. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Wikipedia

  • Ho Chi Minh Thought

    Political philosophy that builds upon Marxism–Leninism and the ideology of Ho Chi Minh. First formalised by the Communist Party of Vietnam in 1991. Wikipedia

  • Nguyễn Phú Trọng

    Vietnamese politician who is the current General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, de facto top leader of Vietnam, in office since January 19, 2011 and President of Vietnam, de jure head of state of Vietnam, in office since October 23, 2018. Chairman of the National Assembly from 2006 to 2011, representing Hanoi, was elected General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam at the party's 11th National Congress in 2011 and re-elected twice at the 12th National Congress in 2016 and the 13th National Congress in 2021. Wikipedia

  • Voice of Vietnam

    Vietnamese national radio broadcaster. Tasked with "propagating the views, policies of the Party and the laws of the state." Wikipedia

  • 1959 in the Vietnam War

    1959 saw Vietnam still divided into South (ruled by President Ngô Đình Diệm) and North (lead by communist Ho Chi Minh). North Vietnam authorized the Viet Cong (VC)to undertake limited military action as well as political action to subvert the Diệm government. Wikipedia

  • Vietnam War Memorial, Hanoi

    Located across the Ba Dinh Square, across the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and close to Hanoi Citadel. Constructed in 1993 in a fusion of traditional Vietnamese and modernist architecture, the memorial commemorates men and women who sacrificed themselves during the Second Indochina War. Wikipedia

  • Ho Chi Minh

    Vietnamese revolutionary and politician. He served as Prime Minister of North Vietnam from 1945 to 1955 and President from 1945 to 1969. Wikipedia

  • Founded by Nguyen Ai Quoc (best known as Ho Chi Minh) in Guangzhou in the spring of 1925. Considered as the “first truly Marxist organization in Indochina” and “the beginning of Vietnamese Communism”. Wikipedia

  • Municipal city under the administration of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Founded by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on December 9, 2020 from the districts of 2, 9, and Thủ Đức District. Wikipedia

  • Hanoi FC

    Vietnamese professional football club based in Hanoi, Vietnam that competes in the V.League 1. The club currently plays in the V.League 1. Wikipedia

  • Ho Chi Minh City Television

    Vietnamese television network owned by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Liberation Television that began broadcasting on 1 May 1975. Wikipedia

  • Trường Chinh

    Vietnamese communist political leader and theoretician. One of the key figures of Vietnamese politics. Wikipedia

  • Thanh Niên

    Ho Chi Minh city-based newspaper in Vietnam. The second most circulated newspaper in Vietnam, with an average circulation of 300,000. Wikipedia

  • Hochiminh City Wings

    The Ho Chi Minh City Wings are a Vietnamese professional basketball team based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They play in the Vietnam Basketball Association. Wikipedia

  • Of the history of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam: c. 1000 BCE — The Bronze-Age Dong Son culture of the Lac people occupies the Red River valley Wikipedia

  • Ho Chi Minh City

    Largest and most populous city in Vietnam. According to the 2019 census, Ho Chi Minh City has a population of over 8.9 million within the city proper and over 21 million within its metropolitan area. Wikipedia

  • Caravelle Hotel

    Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Opened to the public on Christmas Eve 1959, when the city was known as Saigon. Wikipedia

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance

    Vietnamese private university based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Located at: 141 Dien Bien Phu, District Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City. Wikipedia

  • The three deaf-community sign languages indigenous to Vietnam are found in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Haiphong. The HCMC and Hanoi languages especially have been influenced by the French Sign Language (LSQ) once taught in schools, and have absorbed a large amount of FSL vocabulary. Wikipedia

  • Public university established in 1960, located in Hanoi, Vietnam with satellite campuses in Ho Chi Minh City and Quảng Ninh. Often regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam, covering a wide range of areas - from economics and business to law and foreign languages. Wikipedia

  • Ho Chi Minh City Metro

    Planned rapid transit network that will serve Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Scheduled for completion in 2021. Wikipedia


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