Writers similar to or like Hu Qiuyuan

Chinese author, educator and politician from Taiwan. Wikipedia

  • Chinese author, educator and philosopher from Taiwan. Born to missionary parents in Huanggang, Hubei in December 1919 and was raised in Wuchang. Wikipedia

  • Chinese translator and poet. Born in Huangpi District of Wuhan city, Hubei in November 1922. Wikipedia

  • Cheng Tien-fong

    Chinese educator, politician and diplomat. Former President of Zhejiang University, and former Minister of Education of the ROC. Wikipedia

  • Chinese scholar, writer and translator from Taiwan. Born in Shanghai in 1933, with her ancestral home in Changhua County. Wikipedia

  • Chang-Lin Tien

    Chinese-American professor of mechanical engineering and university administrator. The seventh Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley , the first Asian to head a major university in the United States. Wikipedia

  • Chou Min

    Chinese educator and politician. Among the first group of women elected to the Legislative Yuan in 1948. Wikipedia

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