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Chinese singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, model and businessman. Wikipedia

  • Kris Wu

    Wu Yi Fan (Chinese:吴亦凡, Active as a solo artist and actor in China and has starred in several No. 1 box office hits including Mr. Six and Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017), which are among the highest-grossing Chinese films of all time in China. Wikipedia

  • Lay Zhang

    Chinese rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, director, dancer, and actor. Zhang has been listed in Forbes China Celebrity 100, where he ranked 20th in 2017, 11th in 2019, and 5th in 2020. Wikipedia

  • Victoria Song

    Chinese singer, dancer, actress, model, television presenter and author active in South Korea and China. She debuted as a member of South Korean girl group f(x) in September 2009. Wikipedia

  • Lu Han

    Chinese singer and actor. Member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-M, before leaving the group in October 2014. Wikipedia

  • Huang Xiaoming

    Chinese actor, singer, and model. He graduated from the Performance Institute of the Beijing Film Academy in 2000. Wikipedia

  • Yang Mi

    Chinese actress and singer. She made her acting debut in historical television series Tang Ming Huang, and later received recognition for her leading roles in various television series such as Wang Zhaojun (2007), Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Palace 1(2011), Beijing Love Story (2012), Swords of Legends (2014), The Interpreter (2016), Eternal Love (2017) and Legend of Fuyao (2018); as well as films Mysterious Island (2011), Tiny Times (2013–2015), and The Witness (2015). Wikipedia


    Sentences forHuang Zitao

    • In 2010, Luhan was scouted by an SM Entertainment representative in Seoul and passed his audition, while Tao was scouted at a talent show.Exo (group)-Wikipedia
    • Once every girl is seated, the studio darkens and Tao introduces the mentors with each of the mentors performing their own song.Produce 101 (Chinese TV series)-Wikipedia
    • In September 2019, Lacoste appointed Chinese singer / actor Z.Tao as their brand spokesperson for Asia Pacific as the brand's first attempt of appointing someone for the region.Lacoste-Wikipedia
    • On September 4, 2020, Sunnee released her first duet song "Like a child(像孩子一樣長大)", which was a collaboration song with Huang Zitao.Sunnee-Wikipedia
    • In 2016, the interiors were featured in the music video for "The Road" by Chinese musician Huang Zitao.Bradbury Building-Wikipedia
    • SM confirmed with Korean media outlets that two more labelmates, EXO member Tao and actor Song Jae-rim were added to the cast.Zhang Liyin-Wikipedia

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