Hurricanes similar to or like Hurricane Harvey

Devastating Category 4 hurricane that made landfall on Texas and Louisiana in August 2017, causing catastrophic flooding and many deaths. Wikipedia

  • Meteorological history of Hurricane Harvey

    The costliest tropical cyclone on record , inflicting roughly $125 billion in damage across the Houston metropolitan area and Southeast Texas. It lasted from mid-August until early September 2017, with many records for rainfall and landfall intensity set during that time. Wikipedia

  • Effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

    The effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas caused major flooding in southern Texas for four days in August 2017. Hurricane Harvey formed on August 17, 2017 in the open Atlantic. Wikipedia

  • 2017 Atlantic hurricane season

    Extremely active tropical cyclone season and the costliest on record, with a damage total of at least $294.92 billion . The season featured 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes, and 6 major hurricanes, making the season the sixth-most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, tied with 1936. Wikipedia

  • 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

    The most active and the fifth costliest Atlantic hurricane season on record. The fifth consecutive above average season from 2016 onward. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Laura

    Deadly and destructive Category 4 hurricane that was tied with the 1856 Last Island hurricane as the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the U.S. state of Louisiana, as measured by maximum sustained winds. The twelfth named storm, fourth hurricane, and first major hurricane of the record-breaking 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, Laura originated from a large tropical wave that moved off the West African coast on August 16 and became a tropical depression on August 20. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Delta

    The record-tying fourth named storm of 2020 to strike Louisiana, as well as the record-breaking tenth named storm to strike the United States in that year. First monitored by the National Hurricane Center on October 1. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Mitch

    Second-deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record, causing over 11,000 fatalities in Central America in 1998, including approximately 7,000 in Honduras and 3,800 in Nicaragua due to catastrophic flooding from the slow motion of the storm. The deadliest hurricane in Central American history, surpassing Hurricane Fifi–Orlene, which killed slightly fewer people there in 1974. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Eta

    Devastating Category 4 hurricane that caused heavy damage across parts of Central America in early November 2020. The record-tying twenty-eighth named storm, twelfth hurricane and fifth major hurricane of the extremely active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, Eta originated from a vigorous tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean Sea on October 31. Wikipedia

  • List of Category 4 Atlantic hurricanes

    Category 4 hurricanes are tropical cyclones that reach Category 4 intensity on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale. Category 4 hurricanes that later attained Category 5 strength are not included in this list. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Dean

    The strongest tropical cyclone of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season. The most intense North Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Wilma of 2005, tying for eighth overall. Wikipedia

  • Tropical cyclones in 2017

    During 2017, tropical cyclones formed within seven different tropical cyclone basins, located within various parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. During the year, a total of 146 tropical cyclones had formed this year to date. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Katrina

    Large Category 5 Atlantic hurricane which caused over 1,800 deaths and $125 billion in damage in August 2005, particularly in the city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. At the time the costliest tropical cyclone on record, and is now tied with 2017's Hurricane Harvey. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Felix

    The southernmost landfalling Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic, surpassing Hurricane Edith of 1971. The sixth named storm, second hurricane, and second Category 5 hurricane of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season. Wikipedia

  • 2007 Atlantic hurricane season

    Slightly above-average Atlantic hurricane season, featuring many weak and short-lived storms. The first season to feature more than one Category 5 landfalling hurricane, a feat that would not be matched until ten years later. Wikipedia

  • 2005 Atlantic hurricane season

    Previously the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record until the record was surpassed in 2020. The season broke numerous records, with 28 tropical or subtropical storms recorded. Wikipedia

  • 1995 Atlantic hurricane season

    Tied with 1887, 2010, 2011, and 2012 for the fourth-most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, with 19 tropical storms. Also considered to be the start of an ongoing era of high-activity tropical cyclone formation. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Dorian

    Extremely powerful and devastating Category 5 Atlantic hurricane, which became the most intense tropical cyclone on record to strike the Bahamas, and is also regarded as the worst natural disaster in the country's recorded history. Also one of the most powerful hurricanes recorded in the Atlantic Ocean in terms of 1-minute sustained winds, with those winds peaking at 185 mph . Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Dolly (2008)

    Strong tropical cyclone that made landfall in Deep South Texas in July 2008. The fourth tropical cyclone and second hurricane to form during the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Maria

    Deadly Category 5 hurricane that devastated Dominica, St Croix, and Puerto Rico in September 2017. Regarded as the worst natural disaster in recorded history to affect those islands and was also the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Mitch in 1998. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Irma

    Extremely powerful Cape Verde hurricane that caused widespread destruction across its path in September 2017. The first Category 5 hurricane to strike the Leeward Islands on record, followed by Maria two weeks later. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Andrew

    Powerful and destructive Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that struck the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana in August 1992. Most destructive hurricane to ever hit Florida in terms of structures damaged or destroyed, and was the costliest in financial terms until Hurricane Irma surpassed it 25 years later. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Matthew

    The first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Felix in 2007. Matthew caused catastrophic damage and a humanitarian crisis in Haiti, as well as widespread devastation in the southeastern United States. Wikipedia

  • List of Category 5 Atlantic hurricanes

    Tropical cyclone that reaches Category 5 intensity on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale, within the Atlantic Ocean to the north of the equator. They are among the strongest tropical cyclones that can form on Earth, having 1-minute sustained wind speeds of at least 137 kn. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Ivan

    Large, long-lived, Cape Verde hurricane that caused widespread damage in the Caribbean and United States. The ninth named storm, the sixth hurricane and the fourth major hurricane of the active 2004 Atlantic hurricane season. Wikipedia

  • List of costliest Atlantic hurricanes

    List of costliest Atlantic hurricanes, broadly capturing the severity of the damage each system has caused. Held jointly by hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, both of which resulted in approximately $125 billion in property damage during the year they occurred. Wikipedia

  • 1915 Galveston hurricane

    Tropical cyclone that caused extensive damage in the Galveston area in August 1915. Also documented throughout its path across the Caribbean Sea and the interior United States. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Janet

    The most powerful tropical cyclone of the 1955 Atlantic hurricane season and one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record. Also the first named storm to have 1,000 deaths and the first Category 5 named storm to be retired. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Edith (1971)

    The strongest hurricane to form during the 1971 Atlantic hurricane season and formerly the southernmost landfalling Category 5 hurricane on record in the Atlantic until 2007. Edith also stands as one of the only Category 5 Atlantic hurricanes to not have its name retired, next to 1953's Hurricane Carol, 1961's Hurricane Esther and 2005's Hurricane Emily. Wikipedia

  • Timeline of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season

    Event in the annual tropical cyclone season in the north Atlantic Ocean. The seventh most active season on record and the most active since 2005. Wikipedia

  • Hurricane Gert

    Large tropical cyclone that caused extensive flooding and mudslides throughout Central America and Mexico in September 1993. The seventh named storm and third hurricane of the annual hurricane season, Gert originated as a tropical depression from a tropical wave over the southwestern Caribbean Sea on September 14. Wikipedia


Sentences forHurricane Harvey

  • In 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Rockport as a Category 4 Hurricane, causing significant damage there.Texas-Wikipedia
  • During the mid-2010s, Greater Houston experienced consecutive major flood events in 2015 ("Memorial Day"), 2016 ("Tax Day"), and 2017 (Hurricane Harvey).Houston-Wikipedia
  • During Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, Beyoncé launched BeyGOOD Houston to support those affected by the hurricane in Houston.Beyoncé-Wikipedia
  • In response to Hurricane Harvey, Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston initiated plans to require developers to build homes that will be less susceptible to flooding by raising them two feet above the 500-year floodplain.Houston-Wikipedia
  • Both athletes were recognized for their efforts in helping rebuild the city of Houston following Hurricane Harvey in addition to Altuve being a part of the Astros team that won the franchise's first World Series in 2017.Sports Illustrated-Wikipedia
  • Even worse flooding happened in late August 2017, when Hurricane Harvey stalled over southeastern Texas, much like Tropical Storm Allison did sixteen years earlier, causing severe flooding in the Houston area, with some areas receiving over 50 in of rain.Houston-Wikipedia

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