Companies similar to or like IQnovate

Australian life sciences organization that provides intellectual property asset management services and scientific advice to the biopharmaceutical industry. Wikipedia

  • BioPharm (US company)

    American privately owned IT consulting and managed services provider headquartered in San Mateo, California that focuses on the life sciences industry. The company specializes in the implementation, integration, migration, upgrade, and private cloud hosting of Oracle's clinical trial management system, drug safety and pharmacovigilance, clinical data warehousing and analytics, clinical data management, and electronic data capture systems. Wikipedia

  • Fully integrated intellectual property (IP) investment, advisory services and asset management firm. The company develops and implements strategies to acquire, commercialize, manage, divest and license IP. Wikipedia

  • Biotechnology company in Estonia providing medical diagnostics services and performing custom research programs for the biopharmaceutical industry. As of March 2009, Quattromed has been renamed Icosagen AS. Wikipedia

  • Diversified financial services holding company with interests in a variety of firms that provide financial advice and strategic planning, capital management, asset management, investment advice, and fixed-income portfolio management. The acquisitive firm provides its services to businesses and high-net-worth individuals in the US. Wikipedia

  • Life sciences company that provides products and services for small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients . Cambrex has cGMP manufacturing facilities in the US (Charles City, IA), Canada (Mirabel, Québec) and Europe (Karlskoga, Sweden, Milan, Italy and Hyderabad, India, and R&D centers in Tallinn, Estonia, Wiesbaden, Germany). Wikipedia

  • Smartkarma (company)

    FinTech company servicing the global asset management industry. It owns and operates a digital marketplace that provides investment insight into Asian markets. Wikipedia

  • Swiss Life

    Largest life insurance company of Switzerland and one of Europe’s leading comprehensive life and pensions and financial services providers, with approximately CHF 232.6 bn of assets under management. Founded in 1867 in Zurich as the Schweizerische Lebensversicherungs und Rentenanstalt cooperative, the company entered the Swiss stock market in 1997 and adopted its current name in 2002. Wikipedia

  • Annual report published by the World Intellectual Property Organization , providing a wide range of indicators covering the areas of intellectual property. It draws on data from national and regional IP offices, the WIPO, the World Bank, and UNESCO. Wikipedia

  • Private bank and focuses on the asset management, portfolio advisory services for wealthy individuals and providing services to independent asset managers. The bank has branches in The Hague, Amsterdam, Enschede, Groningen, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Wikipedia

  • RWS Group provides intellectual property translation, filing and search services, and technical and commercial translation and localization. Created in 1982 from a merger between M.H. Randall & Partners and Woolcott & Co (a specialist patent and technical information searching company). Wikipedia

  • African Regional Intellectual Property Organization

    Intergovernmental organization for cooperation among African states in patent and other intellectual property matters. Established by the Lusaka Agreement of 1976. Wikipedia

  • Non-profit, non-governmental organization representing "industries and users of the intellectual property (IP) system". Established in 1938. Wikipedia

  • An intellectual property broker mediates between the buyer and seller of intellectual property (IP) and may manage the many steps in the process of creating a deal with regard to the purchase, sale, license, or marketing of intellectual property assets. This may include: patents, trademarks, or inventions (prototypes). Wikipedia

  • Intellectual property merchant bank that provides financial products and services, including expert testimony, valuation, research, ratings, investments, risk management, and transactions. They are headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA. Wikipedia

  • Bimonthly magazine published in English and focused on "intellectual property from a business point of view". Globe White Page Ltd, and its editorial board includes former Corporate VP for IP at Microsoft, Marshall Phelps. Wikipedia

  • One of the holding companies used for AT&T, Inc.'s trademarks & intellectual property assets. Formed in late 2002, when the SBC name was added to the beginning of the names of its telephone companies. Wikipedia

  • Controversial, Canadian biopharmaceutical company. Publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Wikipedia

  • Financial services provider in the Sultanate of Oman providing corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking, treasury, private banking and asset management. The bank, with assets worth US$31.9 billion in 2018, has the largest network in Oman exceeding 150 branches. Wikipedia

  • MAB Corporation

    Integrated property company that creates, owns and manages property assets and built environments throughout Australia. Founded in 1995 by Michael Buxton, who began his career working in his family's business, and Andrew Buxton, who started out working in the quarry and asphalt industry. Wikipedia

  • Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick

    Australian Intellectual Property firm. Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick has around 140 employees across offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Wikipedia

  • Van Vlissingen and Co., founded in 1879, are a privately held full-service commercial and industrial real estate developer, broker, asset and property manager. Van Vlissingen and Co. developed the Roseland and Pullman communities in 19th century Chicago, and established the Van Vlissingen Plan that created the Port of Chicago, the Wrigley Building and Chicago's modern lakefront. Wikipedia

  • Cambia (non-profit organization)

    Australian-based global non-profit social enterprise focusing on open science, biology, innovation system reform and intellectual property. Its projects include the Patent Lens, its successor The Lens, and the Biological Innovation for Open Society Initiative. Wikipedia

  • Intellectual property organizations are organizations that are focused on copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other intellectual property law concepts. This includes international intergovernmental organizations that foster governmental cooperation in the area of copyrights, trademarks and patents (such as organizations based on or founded by treaty), as well as non-governmental, non-profit organizations, lobbying organizations, think tanks, notable committees, and professional associations. Wikipedia

  • Monthly magazine published in English and specializes in intellectual property. Founded in 1990. Wikipedia


    UK-based digital media company providing webcast, filming, production services, media hosting solutions, fund manager videos, global video, audio distribution and custom built analytics packages to the global investment management industry. Established in 2003. Wikipedia

  • Canadian provider of asset management and asset optimization solutions for forestry, natural resource and infrastructure assets. Founded in 1992 by Andrea Feunekes, CEO, and Ugo Feunekes, CTO and is headquartered in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Wikipedia

  • Bimonthly magazine providing news and analysis on issues in intellectual property. About 5,200. Wikipedia

  • Joint Stock Company that provides investment banking services and asset management services in accordance with Islamic principles. Wholly owned subsidiary of Arab Banking Corporation. Wikipedia

  • Cooperation network of intellectual property (IP) institutions, organizing conferences. Founded in 1999. Wikipedia

  • Samanage

    Enterprise service-desk and IT asset-management provider, has its headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. The company's flagship product, Samanage, operates as a multi-tenant, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system for IT and enterprise service management. Wikipedia

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