Ethnic groups similar to or like Indo-Canadians in British Columbia

First established in 1897. Wikipedia

  • List of postal codes in Canada where the first letter is V. Postal codes beginning with V are located within the Canadian province of British Columbia. Only the first three characters are listed, corresponding to the Forward Sortation Area. Wikipedia

  • List of universities in Canada

    Universities in Canada are established and operate under provincial and territorial government charters, except in one case directed by First Nations bands and in another by federal legislation. Most schools are members of Universities Canada (formerly the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)). Wikipedia

  • The Government of Canada has established at least 316 reserves for First Nation band governments in its westernmost province of British Columbia. The majority of these reserves continue to exist while a number are no longer in existence. Wikipedia

  • Chinese Canadians in British Columbia

    The history of Chinese Canadians in British Columbia began with the first recorded visit by Chinese people to North America in 1788. Now British Columbia, to build the first European-type vessel in the Pacific Northwest, named the North West America. Wikipedia

  • Dominion of Pakistan

    Independent federal dominion in South Asia that was established in August 1947 as a result of the Pakistan Movement, which led to the Partition of British India along religious lines in order to create a separate country for British Indian Muslims. Conceived under the two-nation theory as an independent sovereign state comprising most of the Muslim-majority areas of Hindu-majority India. Wikipedia

  • Khalistan movement

    Sikh separatist movement seeking to create a homeland for Sikhs by establishing a sovereign state, called Khālistān , in the Punjab region. The proposed state would consist of land that currently forms Punjab, India and Punjab, Pakistan. Wikipedia

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