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Japanese actor, voice actor, and singer. Wikipedia

  • Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator from Fukushima Prefecture. He graduated from the fine arts department of Nihon University. Wikipedia

  • Japanese actor, voice actor, singer, and narrator. He played several notable roles in Japanese manga and anime television series, including Kenshiro. Wikipedia

  • Takeshi Watabe

    Japanese actor and voice actor. Born in Kōchi Prefecture. Wikipedia

  • Teiji Ōmiya

    Japanese actor, voice actor, and a member of the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society when he died. He attended Nihon University, but withdrew before completing his degree. Wikipedia

  • Seizō Katō

    Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator who worked for Haikyo (Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society). Born in Tokyo. Wikipedia

  • Japanese actor and voice actor from Fukuoka Prefecture. Some of his most notable projects have been Ranma ½ as Genma Saotome, Mahōjin Guru Guru as Kita Kita Oyaji, Detective Conan as Professor Hiroshi Agasa, Atashin'chi as Father, InuYasha as Myōga, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! as King Dedede, and the Ganbare Goemon series as Ebisumaru. Wikipedia


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