Criminals similar to or like Jürgen Stroop

German SS commander during the Nazi era, who served as SS and Police Leader in occupied Poland. Wikipedia

  • Gottlob Berger

    Senior German Nazi official who held the rank of SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS (lieutenant general) and was the chief of the SS Main Office responsible for Schutzstaffel (SS) recruiting during World War II. Convicted as a war criminal and spent six and a half years in prison. Wikipedia

  • Friedrich Jeckeln

    German SS commander during the Nazi era. He served as a Higher SS and Police Leader in the occupied Soviet Union during World War II. Wikipedia

  • Walter Braemer

    General in the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht and a high-ranking SS commander during the Nazi era. Nazi criminal responsible for mass murders of the civilian population of Bromberg/Bydgoszcz in Poland at the outset of the Second World War, and later for crimes against humanity in the Hol­o­caust in the Soviet Union. Wikipedia

  • Sepp Dietrich

    German politician and SS commander during the Nazi era. Elected to the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic in 1930. Wikipedia

  • Werner Lorenz

    SS functionary during the Nazi era. Head of the Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle (Main Office for Ethnic Germans), an organization charged with resettling ethnic Germans in the "German Reich" from other parts of Europe, as well as colonising the occupied lands during World War II. Wikipedia

  • Josef Blösche

    Member of the Nazi Party who served in the SS and SD during World War II. Blösche shot and killed many Jews, and helped send many more Jews to their deaths in extermination camps. Wikipedia


    Sentences forJürgen Stroop

    • In September–October 1943, Jürgen Stroop, the newly appointed Higher SS Police Leader, tried to challenge the Neubacher-Löhr duumvirate and was swiftly fired after less than a month on the job.Axis occupation of Greece-Wikipedia
    • Forced to retreat on 19 April from the ŻOB and ŻZW fighters, they returned later that day under the command of SS General Jürgen Stroop (author of the Stroop Report about the uprising).The Holocaust-Wikipedia
    • By 16 May 1943, the German Police General Jürgen Stroop, who had been in charge of the final deportation, officially declared what he called the Grossaktion, finished.Jewish Combat Organization-Wikipedia
    • At 11:00 the next morning, soldiers under the command of SS General Jürgen Stroop entered the ghetto, where again they encountered hard resistance from approximately 750 Jewish defenders.Mordechai Anielewicz-Wikipedia
    • One of them was the future SS General Jürgen Stroop, who later recalled, "Bishop von Galen was a great gentleman, a true aristocrat, a Renaissance prince of the Church. He welcomed us politely but with reserve."Clemens August Graf von Galen-Wikipedia
    • Late on 17 August, Hitler sacked Kluge and recalled him to Germany; Kluge then either killed himself or was executed by SS-officer Jürgen Stroop for his involvement in the 20 July plot.Falaise Pocket-Wikipedia

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