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One of the two major political parties in Jamaica, the other being the People's National Party (PNP). Wikipedia

  • 2020 Jamaican general election

    General elections were held in Jamaica on Thursday, 3 September 2020 to elect 63 members of Parliament. As the constitution stipulates a five-year parliamentary term, the next elections were not expected until between 25 February and 10 June 2021. Wikipedia

  • Parliament of Jamaica

    Legislative branch of the government of Jamaica. It consists of three elements: the Crown (represented by the Governor-General), the appointed Senate and the directly elected House of Representatives. Wikipedia

  • Jamaica has a two-party system, the major parties being the Jamaica Labour Party and the People's National Party. Many minor parties have cropped up and disintegrated in the past, with very few (if any) winning seats in Parliament. Wikipedia

  • Two-party system

    Party system in which two major political parties consistently dominate the political landscape. Usually referred to as the majority or governing party while the other is the minority or opposition party. Wikipedia

  • List of political parties in the United Kingdom

    The Electoral Commission's Register of Political Parties lists the details of political parties registered to fight elections in the United Kingdom, including their registered name. Under current electoral law, including the Registration of Political Parties Act 1998, the Electoral Administration Act 2006, and the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, only registered party names can be used on ballot papers by those wishing to fight elections. Wikipedia

  • United Democratic Party (Belize)

    One of the two major political parties in Belize. Currently the main opposition party, having lost the 2020 Belizean general election, after previously holding the government across three prior terms. Wikipedia


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