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American actor educated at the Pratt Institute in his native New York City. Wikipedia

  • American actor best known for his stage roles on Broadway in New York City. Goede appeared on Broadway in the original productions of Angels in America (1993) Sex and Longing (opposite Sigourney Weaver) (1995) A Year with Frog and Toad (2003), and with Valerie Harper in Looped (2009). Wikipedia

  • Education in New York City

    Provided by a vast number of public and private institutions. Home to some of the most important libraries, universities, and research centers in the world. Wikipedia

  • Pratt Institute School of Architecture

    Located in New York City with courses being taught at Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses. In 2012 the journal 'DesignIntelligence' ranked it in the ten best architecture schools in the United States. Wikipedia

  • Actor and director; he also served as a New York City firefighter. He executive produced and directed the CBS documentary film 9/11. Wikipedia

  • American actor. Actor Mark Moses. Wikipedia

  • Carla Gannis

    American transmedia artist based in New York and professor at the Pratt Institute in the Department of Digital Arts until 2019 when she joined New York University. Her works combine digital imagery with well-known works of art such as paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Wikipedia

  • American actor. Simon began his career studying acting at the Phillips Exeter Academy. Wikipedia

  • American silent film actor. Signed by the Thanhouser Company based in New Rochelle, New York in 1914 and starred in about 70 films until his death in 1923, aged 53. Wikipedia

  • Barney Martin

    American actor, comedy writer, and New York City Police Department detective. Best known for playing Morty Seinfeld, father of Jerry, on the sitcom Seinfeld. Wikipedia

  • American mime artist and actor based in New York City. Actor, mime and educator, Bill has performed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Wikipedia

  • Pratt Institute Libraries

    Academic library system of Pratt Institute. Located on the main campus in Brooklyn, NY, with a branch library in Manhattan. Wikipedia

  • American actor who usually works in New York City. He has worked on stage and also has appeared in many films. Wikipedia

  • Joe Zaso

    American actor and filmmaker. B-movie regular and has been involved in the low budget science fiction and horror industry since 1990. Wikipedia

  • American actor. Marshall graduated from Saint Joseph High School in Saint Joseph, Michigan in 1968. Wikipedia

  • American actor based in New York City. From Rochester, New York, and a graduate of the Conservatory of Theater at State University of New York at Purchase, graduating in the same class as Micah Stock and Andre Maybin Jr. Wikipedia

  • Rick Jason

    American actor, born in New York City, and most remembered for starring in the ABC television drama Combat! (1962–1967). Expelled from several prep schools before graduating from Rhodes Preparatory School in Manhattan. Wikipedia

  • American actor of film, television, and theater. Also a director of theater productions. Wikipedia

  • New York Institute for Special Education

    Private nonprofit school in New York City. Founded in 1831 as a school for blind children by Samuel Wood, a Quaker philanthropist, Samuel Akerly, a physician, and John Dennison Russ, a philanthropist and physician. Wikipedia

  • American stage actor known for his work in Shakespearean productions and more recently on the New York City musical theater stage. Petkoff has performed on Broadway, the West End, regional theatre, and done work in film and television. Wikipedia

  • American artist, educator, and founder of El Museo del Barrio, in East Harlem, New York City. Montañez Ortiz graduated from Art and Design High School of New York City, and studied at Pratt Institute, where he began as a student of architecture, but later decided instead to become a visual artist, and received his BFA and MFA in 1964. Wikipedia

  • Forrest Stanley

    American actor and screenplay writer best known for his work in silent film. Particularly known for his role as Charles Brandon in the historical film When Knighthood Was in Flower by Robert G. Vignola and Charles Wilder in the murder mystery film The Cat and the Canary (1927) directed by Paul Leni. Wikipedia

  • New York City native and actor. Also known for his role as Nation of Islam leader, Min. Xavier Salaam on the Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning drama series The Shield, and Omar K. Bone in the UPN comedy series Second Time Around. Wikipedia

  • Caitlin Van Zandt

    American actor. Best known for her role on Guiding Light as Ashlee Wolfe, and as Allegra Marie Sacrimoni on the HBO series, The Sopranos. Wikipedia

  • Professor of Architecture in the graduate architecture program at Pratt Institute in New York City, a program for which she was chair from 1999 to 2005. Born to Gordon Ingraham and Elizabeth Wright Ingraham. Wikipedia

  • American actor. Best known for acting in soap operas, including Kitty Foyle, Dark Shadows, The Edge of Night, The Secret Storm, Hidden Faces, Search for Tomorrow, A Flame in the Wind, and As the World Turns. Wikipedia

  • Joey Dedio

    American voice actor, actor, producer, and screenwriter of Puerto Rican and Italian descent. While in his 20s, Dedio appeared in the NBC soap opera Another World and the television version of The Karate Kid, as the voice of Daniel LaRusso. Wikipedia

  • American photographer, publisher, and educator based in New York City. He creates black and white photographs that are "simple and spare, yet quietly overpowering with their evocation of a history on a scale beyond that of individual human lives." Wikipedia

  • Menasha Skulnik

    American actor, primarily known for his roles in Yiddish theater in New York City. Also popular on radio, playing Uncle David on The Goldbergs for 19 years. Wikipedia

  • One of the world's premier residential research and teaching institutions. This partial list of notable New York University alumni includes a sampling of the many graduates who are leaders in their respective fields, non-graduate former students, fictional students, and current students of New York University. Wikipedia

  • American actor, television producer, screenwriter and film director. Best known for co-creating and associate producing the 1960s American television sitcom, Hogan's Heroes; a show which he also occasionally wrote for, including the pilot episode. Wikipedia


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