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Most populous county in the U.S. state of Alabama, located in the central portion of the state. Wikipedia


    Sentences forJefferson County, Alabama

    • Although Jefferson County's bankruptcy filing in 2011 was the largest government bankruptcy in U.S. history, Birmingham remains solvent.Birmingham, Alabama-Wikipedia
    • He was not done with public service; in 1914, he began a four-year term as the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney.Hugo Black-Wikipedia
    • The other defendants waited in the Jefferson County jail in Birmingham for the outcome of the appeals.Scottsboro Boys-Wikipedia
    • On the basketball team, he led players at all-black high schools in Jefferson County in scoring.Willie Mays-Wikipedia
    • In the November 2012 general election, Moore defeated the Democratic nominee, Jefferson County circuit judge Bob Vance, and returned to the bench.Roy Moore-Wikipedia
    • One result was that Jefferson County, containing Birmingham's industrial and economic powerhouse, contributed more than one-third of all tax revenue to the state, but did not receive a proportional amount in services.Alabama-Wikipedia

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