Foods similar to or like Jell-O

Variety of gelatin desserts (fruit-flavored gels), puddings, and no-bake cream pies. Wikipedia

  • Gelatin dessert

    Gelatin desserts are desserts made with a sweetened and flavored processed collagen product (gelatin). First recorded as jelly by Hannah Glasse in her 18th century book The Art of Cookery, appearing in a layer of trifle. Wikipedia

  • Chocolate pudding

    Chocolate puddings are a class of desserts with chocolate flavors. There are two main types: a boiled then chilled dessert, texturally a custard set with starch, commonly eaten in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and East and South East Asia; and a steamed/baked version, texturally similar to cake, popular in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. Wikipedia

  • Ashure

    Turkish dessert porridge that is made of a mixture consisting of grains, fruits, dried fruits and nuts. Served all year around, especially during Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, as the 10th of Muharrem corresponds to the Day of Ashure. Wikipedia

  • Cheesecake

    Sweet dessert consisting of one or more layers. The main, and thickest, layer consists of a mixture of a soft, fresh cheese (typically cottage cheese, cream cheese or ricotta), eggs, and sugar. Wikipedia

  • Götterspeise

    German name for a dessert made of gelatine or other gelling agent, sugar, flavourings and food colouring, it is similar or identical to jelly or jello and other gelatin desserts. Also known as Froschsülze ("frog jelly"). Wikipedia

  • Mango pudding

    Very popular dessert in Hong Kong, where pudding is eaten as a traditional British food. Very little variation between the regional mango pudding's preparation. Wikipedia


    Sentences forJell-O

    • When recording the part of "Jell-O Man" for a Jell-O commercial, he was told to make the voice he offered "more likeable and friendly so that children like him."Hank Azaria-Wikipedia
    • Before the half-hour series went on the air, Matt Groening pitched Bart as a spokesperson for Jell-O.Bart Simpson-Wikipedia
    • In October, 1934, General Foods agreed to take up sponsorship from the struggling tire-maker, using the show (now airing on the Blue network) to promote its low-selling Jell-O desserts.The Jack Benny Program-Wikipedia
    • In the autumn of 1979, Biafra ran for mayor of San Francisco, using the Jell-O ad campaign catchphrase, "There's always room for Jello", as his campaign slogan.Jello Biafra-Wikipedia
    • For the "horse of a different color" scene, Jell-O powder was used to color the white horses.The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)-Wikipedia
    • The Kraft Foods plant in Dover has been the plant that manufactures Jell-O since 1964 when it relocated from Bloomfield, New York.Dover, Delaware-Wikipedia

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