Criminals similar to or like Jesse Anderson

Convicted American murderer who was murdered in prison, along with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, by fellow inmate and convicted murderer Christopher Scarver. Wikipedia

  • American convicted murderer who is best known for his fatal assault on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer at the Columbia Correctional Institution in 1994. Scarver used a 20-inch (51 cm) metal bar, which he had removed from a piece of exercise equipment in the prison weight room, to beat Dahmer and another convicted murderer, Jesse Anderson. Wikipedia

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    American serial killer and sex offender who committed the rape, murder, and dismemberment of 17 men and boys from 1978 to 1991. Many of his later murders involved necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent preservation of body parts—typically all or part of the skeleton. Wikipedia

  • Daniel Conahan

    Convicted American murderer and suspected serial killer. Convicted of one murder but has been linked to over a dozen murders, mostly of homosexual men in the Charlotte County, Florida area in what came to be known as the Hog Trail Murders. Wikipedia

  • Todd Kohlhepp

    American serial killer, convicted of murdering seven people in South Carolina between 2003 and 2016. Born on March 7, 1971 in Florida, and was raised in South Carolina and Georgia. Wikipedia

  • Samuel Little

    American serial killer who was convicted of the murders of three women in California between 1987 and 1989 and one woman in Texas in 1994. He claims to have killed as many as 93 people, and investigators have linked him to over 60 murders. Wikipedia

  • Juan Corona

    Mexican serial killer who was convicted of the murders of 25 migrant farm workers found buried in shallow graves in peach orchards along the Feather River in Sutter County, California, in 1971. At the time, the crimes were characterized as among the most notorious in U.S. history. Wikipedia

  • American convicted kidnapper and rapist who was suspected of murdering up to 30 women, but was never tried for nor convicted of murder. Called the "Vampire Rapist" because he drained the blood of his victim almost to the point of death while he repeatedly raped her. Wikipedia

  • Shawn Grate

    American convicted serial killer who was convicted on two counts of aggravated murder on May 7, 2018, in Ashland County, Ohio, pleaded guilty to two additional murders on March 1, 2019 in Richland County, Ohio, and who pleaded guilty to an additional murder on September 11, 2019 in Marion County, Ohio. Grate graduated from River Valley High School in 1995. Wikipedia

  • Convicted murderer and death row inmate from Grayson County, Texas. He murdered his estranged wife and two young children. Wikipedia

  • Convicted Australian serial sex murderer and rapist. He pleaded guilty in May 2003 to the 1999 murder of Maya Jakic and the 2001 murder of Japanese student Megumi Suzuki. Wikipedia

  • Convicted Australian rapist and murderer, serving a life prison sentence. On 16 March 1978, the Supreme Court jury found Beauregard-Smith guilty of murdering nine-year-old Craig Alan Holland. Wikipedia

  • Australian convicted serial killer currently serving four consecutive terms of life imprisonment plus 27 years for the murder of two Victoria Police officers in August of 1998 and for the 1997 murder of teenager Kristy Harty. Detained at HM Prison Barwon in Victoria. Wikipedia

  • American convicted murderer from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, who had previously been wrongfully convicted in 1985 of sexual assault and attempted murder. Exonerated by DNA testing and released, only to be charged with murder two years later. Wikipedia

  • Convicted Canadian serial killer and former registered nurse who confessed to murdering eight senior citizens and attempting to murder six others in Southwestern Ontario between 2007 and 2016. Described as one of the worst serial killers in Canadian history. Wikipedia

  • American murderer and rapist, who was convicted in 2002 of the rape and murder of flight attendant Nancy Ludwig on February 17, 1991 at the (then) Hilton hotel in Romulus, Michigan. He later pleaded no contest to charges that he raped and murdered a professor and provost of the University of Michigan-Flint, Margarette Eby, on November 9, 1986. Wikipedia

  • Convicted murderer and impostor. Currently serving a prison sentence in California. Wikipedia

  • American convicted murderer. Convicted of killing her eighth husband in 1993 and is also suspected of killing her third husband in 1972. Wikipedia

  • Turkish serial killer who murdered five people. He has been nicknamed "The Nailing Killer" due to his signature of nailing his victims' heads post-mortem. Wikipedia

  • Swedish convicted murderer, bank robber, and attempted serial killer. From August 1991 to January 1992 he shot eleven people in the Stockholm and Uppsala area, most of whom were immigrants, killing one and seriously injuring the others. Wikipedia

  • American convicted murderer from Cockeysville, Maryland. Currently serving two life sentences for murdering his parents, John and Tamara Browning; and his two younger brothers, Gregory, 13, and Benjamin, 11; in February 2008 when he was 15 years old. Wikipedia

  • French hermit and cannibalistic, serial murderer convicted of being a werewolf. Alternately known as "The Hermit of St. Bonnot" and "The Werewolf of Dole". Wikipedia

  • Convicted American murderer. In 1990 at age 22, Smart conspired with her then 15-year-old lover William "Billy" Flynn, and three of his friends, to have her 24-year-old husband Greggory Smart killed, which occurred on May 1 of that year in Derry, New Hampshire. Wikipedia

  • American convicted murderer. Member of a loose-knit gang of teenagers from Murray, Kentucky, known as the "Vampire Clan". Wikipedia

  • Convicted murderer in the State of Florida. Younger of two children. Wikipedia

  • Faryion Wardrip

    American rapist and serial killer who assaulted and murdered a total of five women. Four of the women were killed in Wichita Falls, Texas and the surrounding counties. Wikipedia

  • American convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Holly Maddux. On September 9, 1977, Maddux disappeared following a trip to collect her belongings from the apartment she and Einhorn had shared in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wikipedia

  • American murderer, convicted of murdering his neighbor, Pamela Vitale, the wife of prominent attorney Daniel Horowitz. He received the maximum penalty allowed by the law, life in prison without parole. Wikipedia

  • Convicted American murderer. The youngest person to be executed in the United States after capital punishment was reinstated by the United States Supreme Court by a 7–2 decision in the Gregg v. Georgia case. Wikipedia

  • Convicted American murderer. Executed under controversial circumstances in 1979, the first convicted criminal to be executed in Florida after capital punishment was reinstated in 1976, and the second in the United States. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who was convicted and sentenced to death in 1993 for the rape and murder of six women in San Diego County, California from January through September 1990. Court-martialed in 1989 due to larceny, and when he was convicted and served his sentence, it was recommended that he be discharged from the United States Navy. Wikipedia


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