Murderers similar to or like John Getreu

American murderer and possible serial killer who was convicted of one murder in 1963 that took place in West Germany. Wikipedia

  • William Heirens

    American serial killer convicted of murder who confessed to three murders in 1946. Called the Lipstick Killer after a notorious message scrawled in lipstick at a crime scene. Wikipedia

  • Velma Barfield

    American serial killer who was convicted of one murder, but who eventually confessed to six murders in total. The first woman in the United States to be executed after the 1976 resumption of capital punishment and the first since 1962. Wikipedia

  • Lucious Boyd

    American convicted murderer, rapist, and suspected serial killer. Suspect in at least ten other homicides or disappearances. Wikipedia

  • Bruce Mendenhall

    Convicted American murderer and serial killer. Arrested in Tennessee in July 2007 – and found guilty in 2010 – for the June 26, 2007 murder of Sara Hulbert. Wikipedia

  • German-American murderer and self-confessed serial killer. Convicted for the murders of three men in Michigan in 1984, but later confessed to being responsible for over 100 murders, starting at the age of 15 in his native West Germany. Wikipedia

  • American murderer and possible serial killer. Sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, with no prospect of parole after being convicted of killing two men, Kenneth Countie and Michael DeLoge, in Epping, New Hampshire. Wikipedia

  • Samuel Little

    American serial killer who was convicted in 2012 of the murders of three women in California between 1987 and 1989 as well as in 2018 of the murder of one woman in Texas in 1994. He claimed to have killed as many as 93 women, and investigators have linked him to over 60 murders. Wikipedia

  • American murderer, rapist and possible serial killer. Sentenced to five life terms in prison for the abduction and murder of Kaye Turner. Wikipedia

  • Ronald Gray

    American serial killer and rapist whose convictions include four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and eight counts of rape. In the United States Army, stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Wikipedia

  • Michael Hughes (serial killer)

    Convicted American serial killer who was sentenced to life without parole for the murders of four women and girls in California, and in a later trial, sentenced to death for the murders of three other women. Authorities suspect there may have been other victims. Wikipedia

  • Rodney Halbower

    American murderer and suspected serial killer. Prime suspect in the Gypsy Hill killings, a series of murders of young women in San Mateo County, California , whose killer was named The San Mateo Slasher. Wikipedia

  • Gerald Parker

    American serial killer who raped and murdered five women in Orange County, California. Pregnant at the time of the attack, survived, but her child was delivered stillborn. Wikipedia

  • John Bittrolff

    American convicted murderer and a suspect in the Long Island serial killer case. Charged with the murders of Rita Tangredi and Colleen McNamee. Wikipedia

  • Joseph E. Duncan III

    American convicted serial killer and child molester who is on death row in federal prison in conjunction with the 2005 kidnappings and murders of members of the Groene family of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Also serving 11 consecutive sentences of life without parole in conjunction with the same crimes as well as the 1997 murder of Anthony Martinez of Beaumont, California. Wikipedia

  • Grim Sleeper

    American serial killer who was responsible for at least ten murders and one attempted murder in Los Angeles, California from 1985 to 2007. Also convicted for rape and sexual violence. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer, sex offender and bank robber, convicted of murdering two prostitutes in Detroit in 1980. During this time, the city had a slew of similar murders, presumably done by two or more killers operating in the area, with Murphy himself confessing to killing at least six of them. Wikipedia

  • Oscar Ray Bolin

    American serial killer and convicted rapist who was executed in Florida for murder. In 1986, Bolin kidnapped and murdered three young women in Tampa, Florida. Wikipedia

  • William Devin Howell

    American serial killer who was convicted of murdering seven women in 2003. One of the most prolific serial killers in Connecticut history. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who murdered three elderly women in 1994. Caught after a fourth intended victim survived and identified her. Wikipedia

  • David Alan Gore

    American serial killer who confessed to, and was convicted of, six murders in Vero Beach and Indian River County, Florida in the 1980s. Executed by lethal injection in 2012, having been on Florida's death row for 28 years. Wikipedia

  • American convicted kidnapper, rapist, and suspected serial killer who was suspected of murdering up to 30 women, but was never tried for nor convicted of murder. Called the "Vampire Rapist" because he drained the blood of his victim almost to the point of death while he repeatedly raped her. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer and rapist responsible for at least 12 murders of elderly women. The killings occurred between January 1981 and October 1983 in Los Angeles' West Side, which earned Tholmer the nickname of The West Side Rapist. Wikipedia

  • American thief, arsonist, murderer and self-confessed serial killer. Hanged in 1870 for murdering 13-year-old Louisa Fox in Kirkwood Township, Belmont County, Ohio, and shortly before his execution, he confessed to murdering 14 men, including to participating in a famous 1867 murder that occurred in West Virginia. Wikipedia

  • Kristen Gilbert

    American serial killer and former nurse who was convicted of four murders and two attempted murders of patients admitted to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Northampton, Massachusetts. Untraceable heart stimulant. Wikipedia

  • German serial killer who killed 7 people. He received his nickname because he committed his robberies and murders mostly at noon. Wikipedia

  • American murderer and suspected serial killer. Also suspected, but acquitted, in another three murders dating from 1980 to 1985. Wikipedia

  • Adolph Laudenberg

    American serial killer who murdered three women in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles and one in San Francisco during the 1970s, and is the prime suspect for another two similar murders. Only arrested in 2002, after DNA evidence connected him to the crimes. Wikipedia

  • Steven David Catlin

    Convicted American serial killer. Currently housed in San Quentin State Prison. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who murdered at least three women and one man in the span of several months in 2000. Later linked by DNA evidence to three other murders, which had occurred in Arkansas and California. Wikipedia


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