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American businessman. Wikipedia

  • Elizabeth Plankinton

    American philanthropist in the early 20th century, the daughter of Milwaukee businessman John Plankinton. Also known as "Miss Lizzie" and the people of Milwaukee called Plankinton the "municipal patroness" because of her generosity. Wikipedia

  • William Plankinton

    American businessman, manufacturer, and industrialist. He followed in his father's footsteps in the meat packing and meat processing industry. Wikipedia

  • Statue of John Plankinton

    6 foot lifelike representation of the businessman and industrialist. Initially placed in the Plankinton House Hotel in downtown Milwaukee in 1892. Wikipedia

  • Harrison Ludington

    American businessman and politician. The 20th and 22nd mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wikipedia

  • Arthur Davidson (motorcycling)

    American businessman. One of the four original founders of Harley-Davidson. Wikipedia

  • George Brumder

    German-American newspaper publisher and businessman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born in Breuschwickersheim, Bas-Rhin, France., Brumder emigrated to the United States, settling in Milwaukee, where he produced several publications that served the city's (and the state's) German-American community. Wikipedia


    Sentences forJohn Plankinton

    • He worked with Miles for three years before he partnered with John Plankinton in the meatpacking industry, creating the company Plankinton, Armour & Company.Philip Danforth Armour-Wikipedia
    • Built between 1886 and 1888 by John Plankinton for his daughter as a wedding gift, it cost at least $100,000 (equivalent to $ million in ).Elizabeth Plankinton House-Wikipedia
    • He did a marble bust of John Plankinton, an astute businessman who founded the meat industry in Wisconsin and was "Milwaukee's foremost citizen."Richard Henry Park-Wikipedia
    • Ludington died on April 1, 1891, in his residence at Plankinton House Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.James Ludington-Wikipedia
    • In 1888, the owner, John Plankinton, transferred the company to Patrick and his brother, John.Patrick Cudahy-Wikipedia
    • The John Plankinton statue is a 6 foot lifelike representation of the businessman and industrialist.Statue of John Plankinton-Wikipedia

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