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Online machine translation service where users could instantly translate texts into 23 languages, request human translations from a community of volunteers around the world and compare the correctness of several leading machine translation websites. Wikipedia

  • Machine translation paradigm where translations are generated on the basis of statistical models whose parameters are derived from the analysis of bilingual text corpora. The statistical approach contrasts with the rule-based approaches to machine translation as well as with example-based machine translation. Wikipedia

  • Program that attempts to translate text or speech from one natural language to another. Machine translation applications have become relevant to the modern language industry. Wikipedia

  • Method of machine translation that is characterized by the use of multiple machine translation approaches within a single machine translation system. The motivation for developing hybrid machine translation systems stems from the failure of any single technique to achieve a satisfactory level of accuracy. Wikipedia

  • Use of software to assist a human translator in the translation process. Created by a human, and certain aspects of the process are facilitated by software; this is in contrast with machine translation , in which the translation is created by a computer, optionally with some human intervention (e.g. pre-editing and post-editing). Wikipedia

  • Interlingual machine translation

    One of the classic approaches to machine translation. Transformed into an interlingua, i.e., an abstract language-independent representation. Wikipedia

  • Transfer-based machine translation

    Type of machine translation . Currently one of the most widely used methods of machine translation. Wikipedia

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