Serial killers similar to or like Karl F. Werner

American serial killer active in Santa Clara County in Northern California. Wikipedia

  • Gerald Parker

    Serial killer who raped and murdered five Orange County, California women. Pregnant at the time of the attack survived, but her child was delivered stillborn. Wikipedia

  • Doug Clark (serial killer)

    American serial killer. Clark and his accomplice, Carol M. Bundy, were collectively known as the Sunset Strip Killers. Wikipedia

  • Zodiac Killer

    Pseudonym of an unidentified serial killer who operated in Northern California from at least the late 1960s to the early 1970s. The Zodiac murdered victims in Benicia, Vallejo, Napa County, and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969. Wikipedia

  • Herbert Mullin

    American serial killer who killed thirteen people in California in the early 1970s. He confessed to the killings, which he claimed prevented earthquakes. Wikipedia

  • Polish American serial killer, active in Chicago. Merely scheduling their deaths. Wikipedia

  • James Clifford Carson ( Michael Bear Carson) (born 1950) and Susan Barnes Carson (aka Suzan Bear Carson) (born 1941) are American serial killers convicted for three murders between 1981 and 1983 in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. In Phoenix, Arizona, when his first wife noticed severe behavioral changes and left with their daughter, Jennifer. Wikipedia

  • Kenneth Bianchi

    American serial killer, kidnapper, and rapist. Also known for the Hillside Strangler murders along with his cousin Angelo Buono Jr., as well as having murdered two more women in Washington by himself. Wikipedia

  • Carol M. Bundy

    American serial killer. Bundy and Doug Clark became collectively known as the Sunset Strip Killers after being convicted of a series of murders in Los Angeles during the late spring and early summer of 1980. Wikipedia

  • Thor Nis Christiansen

    Danish-American serial killer from Solvang, California. He committed his first three murders in late 1976 and early 1977, killing young women of similar appearance from nearby Isla Vista. Wikipedia

  • Kenneth McDuff

    American serial killer. Convicted in 1966 of murdering 16-year-old Edna Sullivan; her boyfriend, 17-year-old Robert Brand; and Brand's cousin, 15-year-old Mark Dunnam, who was visiting from California. Wikipedia

  • Edmund Kemper

    American serial killer and necrophile who murdered ten people, including his paternal grandparents and mother. Noted for his large size, at 6 ft, and for his high intellect, possessing an IQ of 145. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who killed at least three people with insulin injections between 1956 and 1966 in California. The first to be convicted of use of insulin as a murder weapon in the US, and is suspected in three more cases. Wikipedia

  • American murderer and suspected serial killer. Prime suspect in the Gypsy Hill killings, a series of murders of young women in San Mateo County, California , whose killer was named The San Mateo Slasher. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer known by the nickname the "Skid Row Slasher." The first attacks occurred when Greenwood killed two transients in November 1964. Wikipedia

  • Harvey Glatman

    American serial killer active during the late 1950s. Known in the media as "The Lonely Hearts Killer" and "The Glamour Girl Slayer". Wikipedia

  • Louise Peete

    Convicted American serial killer. First convicted of murdering wealthy mining engineer Jacob C. Denton in 1920 and was sentenced to life in prison. Wikipedia

  • Darren Deon Vann

    American serial killer. Arrested on October 18, 2014 for the murder of 19-year-old Afrikka Hardy at a Motel 6 in Hammond, Indiana and has confessed to the murders of six other female victims in Indiana. Wikipedia

  • Gary Ridgway

    American serial killer. Initially convicted of 48 separate murders. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer who murdered patients while working as a respiratory therapist in the state of California. Born in Brownsville, Texas, he graduated from the College of Medical and Dental Careers in North Hollywood, California in 1988. Wikipedia

  • Chilean serial killer active between 1998 and 2001. Known as the Psychopath from Alto Hospicio, his crimes took place in the Tarapacá Region, specifically in the city of Iquique and in the town of Alto Hospicio, hence his nickname. Wikipedia

  • David Carpenter

    American serial killer known for stalking and murdering a variety of individuals on hiking trails in state parks near San Francisco, California. Carpenter killed at least ten individuals, with two attempted victims, Steven Haertle and Lois Rinna, surviving. Wikipedia

  • Patrick Kearney

    American serial killer who preyed on young men in California from 1965 to 1977. Sometimes referred to as "The Freeway Killer", a nickname he shares with two other separate serial killers, William Bonin and Randy Kraft. Wikipedia

  • Homophobic French serial killer nicknamed "The Minitel Killer". Appointment with his victims via the pink homosexual Minitel to kill them after a staged sadomasochistic act without sex. Wikipedia

  • American serial killer, who was convicted in Illinois in 2002 of killing three women, and convicted in California in 2018 of killing five women. Sentenced to death in California, and committed suicide a few months later in California's San Quentin Prison. Wikipedia

  • Scott Erskine

    American serial killer on California's death row, convicted in 2003 for the 1993 murder of two California boys. Currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. Wikipedia

  • Lorenzo Gilyard

    American serial killer. A former trash company supervisor, Gilyard raped and murdered 13 women and girls from 1977 to 1993. Wikipedia

  • Gerald Stano

    American convicted serial killer. He killed at least 22 women, and confessed to killing 41. Wikipedia

  • Robert Joseph Silveria Jr.

    American serial killer currently serving double life sentences in Wyoming. On contract for an outside state. Wikipedia

  • Randy Kraft

    American serial killer known as the Scorecard Killer, the Southern California Strangler and the Freeway Killer who murdered a minimum of 16 young men between 1972 and 1983, the majority of which had been committed in California. Also believed to have committed the rape and murder of up to 51 other boys and young men. Wikipedia

  • William Suff

    American serial killer. In 1974, a Texas jury convicted Suff and his then-wife, Teryl, of beating their two-month-old daughter to death. Wikipedia


Sentences forKarl F. Werner

  • On April 11, 1971, serial killer Karl F. Warner murdered his third and final victim, Kathy Bilek, 18, on the grounds of Villa Montalvo.Montalvo Arts Center-Wikipedia

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