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Variant of motorsport road racing with open-wheel, four-wheeled vehicles known as go-karts or shifter karts. Wikipedia

  • Superkart

    Form of motorsport road racing in which the class is a racing vehicle sized like a kart but with several characteristics more strongly associated with open-wheel racing cars. That they have full aerodynamic bodykits and can race on car circuits over 1,500 metres in length. Wikipedia

  • Go-kart

    Type of open-wheel car. Go-karts come in all shapes and forms, from motorless models to high-powered racing machines. Wikipedia

  • Off road go-kart

    Off Road Karting uses a four-wheeled powered vehicle designed for off road use as opposed to the longer established activities of racing go-karts used for racing on a paved road circuit. Now a well established and popular activity with a burgeoning range of vehicles, options and adherents. Wikipedia

  • Manufacturer of open-wheel racing cars, specifically Superkarts. Andersons have won championships in all parts of the racing world and are current holders of European Superkart Championship, as well as titles in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. Wikipedia

  • List of Formula One Grand Prix winners

    Highest class of open-wheeled auto racing defined by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile , motorsport's world governing body. The "formula" in the name refers to a set of rules to which all participants and cars must conform. Wikipedia

  • List of Formula One polesitters

    Highest class of open-wheeled auto racing defined by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile , motorsport's world governing body. The "formula" in the name refers to a set of rules to which all participants and cars must conform. Wikipedia

  • List of red-flagged Formula One races

    Highest class of open-wheeled auto racing defined by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile , motorsport's world governing body. The "formula" in the name refers to a set of rules to which all participants and vehicles must conform. Wikipedia

  • 2008 Formula One World Championship

    The 62nd season of Formula One motor racing, recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile – the governing body of motorsport – as the highest class of competition for open-wheel racing cars. Contested over eighteen races commencing in Australia on 16 March and ending in Brazil on 2 November. Wikipedia

  • Formula racing

    Any of several forms of open-wheeled single-seater motorsport road racing. Adopted by the FIA for all of its post-World War II single-seater regulations, or formulae. Wikipedia

  • Sixty-nine seasons of Formula One, the highest class of open wheeled auto racing defined by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), motorsport's world governing body, have been run, with the seventieth currently in progress. Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. Wikipedia

  • Electric go-kart

    Type of go-kart powered by electric motors and batteries, as opposed to traditional petrol engine. Electric go-karts are mostly intended for recreational usage, though high-performance models for a more serious kart racing are also offered. Wikipedia

  • Auto racing

    Motorsport involving the racing of automobiles for competition. Auto racing has existed since the invention of the automobile. Wikipedia

  • Indoor karting competition which was held from 1993 to 2001 on a temporary circuit at the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy in December. Intended to gather the best drivers from all disciplines of motorsport and karting. Wikipedia

  • List of second-tier open-wheel single-seater formula racing motorsport champions, including Formula 2, Formula 3000, and GP2. Since 1967 there have been at least five second-tier championships sanctioned by the FIA. Wikipedia

  • Italian company , that produces racing kart chassis. Founded in 1958 by Antonio "Tony" Bosio. Wikipedia

  • Formula Continental

    Single seater, open wheel racing class in motorsport. SCCA racing class. Wikipedia

  • Kart racing game

    Subgenre of racing video games. Kart racing games have simplified driving mechanics while including unusual racetrack designs, obstacles, and vehicular combat. Wikipedia

  • Kart circuit

    Race track designed for kart racing or other forms of short length motor racing, such as small-scale motorcycle racing, pocketbike racing, or radio-controlled model racing. There are several types of kart circuit, depending on the type of use desired. Wikipedia

  • Sauber Motorsport

    Swiss motorsport engineering company. Founded in the 1970 by Peter Sauber, who progressed through hillclimbing and the World Sportscar Championship to reach Formula One in. Wikipedia

  • Micro kart

    Small, one passenger mini go-kart. Electric motor with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Wikipedia

  • Formula Maruti

    Single-seater, open-wheel class in motorsport made and raced in India. Many of the top teams in Indian motorsports have run in the series, including Team Lakshmi Mills Superspeeds, Team JK, Team MRF, Gabriel Racing, WSRF Racing, McDowell Racing, and Team Valvoline. Wikipedia

  • RFactor

    Computer racing simulator designed with the ability to run any type of four-wheeled vehicle from street cars to open wheel cars of any era. rFactor aimed to be the most accurate race simulator of its time. Wikipedia

  • Sports car racing

    Form of motorsport road racing which utilises sports cars that have two seats and enclosed wheels. They may be purpose-built (Prototype) or related to road-going models (Grand Touring). Wikipedia

  • Singaporean go-kart racer. Ho became the first Singaporean and Asian to win a race in the Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft (DKM) German Karting Championship series on 4 August 2019. Wikipedia

  • MSA approved outdoor kart racing circuit located just off junction 3 of the M2 in Chatham, Kent, England. Owned by John Surtees, the only person to have won world Grand Prix championships in both Formula One car racing and Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Wikipedia

  • Mario Kart 7

    Kart racing game developed by Nintendo EAD in cooperation with Retro Studios and published by Nintendo. As with previous games in the Mario Kart series, players participate in racing on various Mario-themed tracks, playing as one of seventeen different Mario characters. Wikipedia

  • Program developed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile , the international sanctioning body for motorsports that is designed to assist racing drivers progress from karting to Formula One. First developed in 2014 with the creation of the Formula 4 category, and follows a tiered structure, with drivers racing in increasingly-powerful cars. Wikipedia

  • Top level of karting. Open to the best drivers aged 15 and up. Wikipedia

  • Lewis Hamilton

    British racing driver who races in Formula One for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. Widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport, and considered by some to be the greatest of all time. Wikipedia

  • Mini sprint

    American type of open-wheel racing vehicle. Mini sprint cars resemble the shape of a full-size sprint car and the size of a midget car. Wikipedia


Sentences forKart racing

  • There are other categories of single-seater racing, including kart racing, which employs a small, low-cost machine on small tracks.Auto racing-Wikipedia
  • Although often seen as the entry point for serious racers into the sport, kart racing, or karting, can be an economical way for amateurs to try racing and is also a fully fledged international sport in its own right.Auto racing-Wikipedia
  • Kart racing is gaining popularity in the city, with the introduction of a 380 metre long track based on Formula One concepts.Ahmedabad-Wikipedia
  • The Italian series tended to attract older drivers who moved straight across from karting whereas in other nations drivers typically graduated to F3 after a couple of years in minor categories.Formula Three-Wikipedia
  • In February 2010, the first purpose-built track for kart racing in the Cayman Islands was opened.Cayman Islands-Wikipedia
  • They frequently start in karting or in cars that are completely stock except for safety modifications.Stock car racing-Wikipedia
  • In addition to the main course, the facility includes a 0.8 mi karting track called the CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex inside the Carousel.Road America-Wikipedia
  • Most F1 drivers start in kart racing competitions, and then come up through traditional European single seater series like Formula Ford and Formula Renault to Formula 3, and finally the GP2 Series.Formula One-Wikipedia
  • The track was to be located near Mobile, Alabama and would feature stock car racing, kart racing and a road course.Dale Earnhardt Jr.-Wikipedia
  • His father bought him a go-kart for Christmas when Hamilton was six and promised to support his racing career as long as he worked hard at school.Lewis Hamilton-Wikipedia
  • In the Complex, users can play a series of mini-games, including poker, kart racing, golf, and it also features a Virtual EA Shop.EA Sports-Wikipedia
  • When Schumacher crashed it into a lamp post in Kerpen, his parents took him to the karting track at Kerpen-Horrem, where he became the youngest member of the karting club.Michael Schumacher-Wikipedia
  • Nuremberg also offers several parks and green areas, as well as indoor activities such as bowling, rock wall climbing, escape rooms, cart racing, and mini golf, theaters and cinemas, pools and thermal spas.Nuremberg-Wikipedia
  • There are various other establishments scattered around the town such as crazy golf, go–karting and Laser Quest.Eastbourne-Wikipedia
  • Contained within the main oval is a 2.28 mi road course and a 0.6 mi Kart course.Charlotte Motor Speedway-Wikipedia
  • He grew up racing go karts and was successful very early, winning a World Karting Association championship in 1987.Tony Stewart-Wikipedia
  • Other variations of road racing include; sports car racing, touring car racing, superbike racing, truck racing, kart racing and endurance racing.Road racing-Wikipedia
  • After success in karting as a child, Schumacher won titles in Formula König and Formula Three before joining Mercedes in the World Sportscar Championship.Michael Schumacher-Wikipedia
  • In 2015, the Fieldhouse hosted the Indy Invitational, with midget car racing and outlaw kart racing held on a dirt track erected on the arena floor.Bankers Life Fieldhouse-Wikipedia
  • He began kart racing at an early age, after his parents bought him a go-kart as a kindergarten graduation gift.Kevin Harvick-Wikipedia
  • Tony Stewart got his first competitive go kart in Westport, Indiana in 1979.Tony Stewart-Wikipedia
  • Other sports groups within the organisation include athletics, figure skating, fishing, futsal, karate, kart racing, rallying, rhythmic gymnastics, roller hockey, rugby union and swimming.C.S. Marítimo-Wikipedia
  • There is a Karting Test Track (KTT) that features the same type of abrasive safety zones as the car track.Circuit Paul Ricard-Wikipedia
  • Popular activities include golf (19 golf courses within 40 minutes of Pattaya ), go-kart racing, and visiting different theme parks and zoos such as the Elephant Village, where demonstrations of training methods and ancient ceremonial re-enactments are performed daily.Pattaya-Wikipedia
  • Mombasa's northern shoreline is renowned for its vibrant 24-hour entertainment offers, including both family entertainment (water parks, cinemas, bowling, etc.), sports (watersports, mountain biking and gokarting), culinary offers (restaurants offering a wide range of specialties from Kenya, China, Japan, India, Italy, Germany and other countries) and nightlife (bars, pubs, clubs, discothèques, etc.).Mombasa-Wikipedia
  • Other modern visitor attractions in Barrow include the growing leisure destination at James Freel Close (consisting of an indoor kart racing complex, bowling alley, indoor skate park, trampoline centre and gym), as well as Lazer Zone in Hindpool Road's former Custom House and a similar Lazer Quest, escape room and play centre in the former Hitchens building on Buccleuch Street.Barrow-in-Furness-Wikipedia
  • Two-stroke engines are still found in a variety of small propulsion applications, such as outboard motors, high-performance, small-capacity motorcycles, mopeds, and dirt bikes, underbones, scooters, tuk-tuks, snowmobiles, karts, ultralight airplanes, and model airplanes and other model vehicles.Two-stroke engine-Wikipedia
  • Born in Oviedo, the capital of the autonomous region of Asturias, Alonso started in karting from the age of 3.Fernando Alonso-Wikipedia
  • Goiânia has a racetrack (Ayrton Senna International Racetrack), a kart track and a horse racing track.Goiânia-Wikipedia

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