Podcasts similar to or like Keith and The Girl

Comedy podcast that began on March 7, 2005. Wikipedia

  • Jordan, Jesse, Go!

    Weekly comedy audio podcast, which began airing in 2007. Hosted by comedian Jordan Morris, a television writer, producer, and actor, and Jesse Thorn, a public radio host. Wikipedia

  • The Fighter and the Kid

    Comedy podcast. Hosted by Brendan Schaub, a former mixed martial artist turned stand-up comedian and formerly co-hosted by comedian and actor Bryan Callen. Wikipedia

  • Scriptnotes

    Weekly podcast that began airing on August 30, 2011. Billed as "a podcast about screenwriting, and things that are interesting to screenwriters." Wikipedia

  • Both a podcast/vidcast directory and community. Time magazine listed it as one of its 50 "coolest" sites in August, 2006. Wikipedia

  • The Adam Carolla Show (podcast)

    Comedy podcast hosted by comedian and radio-television personality Adam Carolla. Its first episode went online on February 23, 2009. Wikipedia

  • The Dead Authors Podcast

    Comedy and faux-historical podcast hosted by Paul F. Tompkins in character as H.G. Wells. The show ran from 2011 until 2015. Wikipedia


    Sentences forKeith and The Girl

    • Brother Love currently works closely with the Keith and The Girl podcast, making many guest appearances commencing September 2006 till present, as well as touring with KATG on their live audience shows.Brother Love (rock musician)-Wikipedia
    • Once discovered by fans of Keith and The Girl, Nemcoff altered the text, adding: Hey Keith and the Girl listeners... if you're looking here, guess what... you've been Punk'd, bitches.Pacific Coast Hellway-Wikipedia
    • He has also been a guest on the popular podcast Keith and The Girl.Victor Varnado-Wikipedia
    • Many of the Keith and The Girl message board posters also expressed criticisms regarding Nemcoff's vocal style, his cheerleading for Podshow and its media properties, and his comedic style (which some said was an imitation of comedian Dennis Miller).Pacific Coast Hellway-Wikipedia

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