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Syrian novelist and thinker, historian and columnist and scenarist born in Damascus 1946. Wikipedia

  • Ensuring national security, increasing influence among its Arab neighbours and securing the return of the Golan Heights, have been the primary goals of the Syrian Arab Republic's foreign policy. At many points in its history, Syria has seen virulent tension with its geographically cultural neighbours, such as Turkey, Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon. Wikipedia

  • Fairuz

    Lebanese singer. Considered by many as one of the leading vocalists and most famous singers in the history of the Arab world. Wikipedia

  • List of Syrian Air destinations

    Syrian Air operates the following services (as of June 2020):  Wikipedia

  • Lebanon–Syria relations

    Lebanon–Syria relations were officially established in October 2008 when Syrian President Bashar Assad issued a decree to establish diplomatic relations with Lebanon for the first time since both countries gained independence from France in 1943 (Lebanon) and 1946 (Syria). Lebanon had traditionally been seen by Syria as part of Greater Syria: under the Ottoman Empire, Lebanon and Syria were included within one administrative entity. Wikipedia

  • Abdulrazak Eid

    Syrian writer and thinker and one of Syria's leading reformers. He helped to found the Committees of Civil Society in Syria, drafted the Statement of 1000 and helped to draft the Damascus Declaration. Wikipedia

  • History of Syria

    The history of Syria covers events which occurred on the territory of the present Syrian Arab Republic and events which occurred in the region of Syria. First unified in the 10th century BCE under the Neo-Assyrian Empire, the capital of which was the city of Assur, from which the name "Syria" most likely derives. Wikipedia

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