Aircraft occurrences similar to or like Korean Air Flight 858

Scheduled international passenger flight between Baghdad, Iraq and Seoul, South Korea. Wikipedia

  • Baghdad International Airport

    Iraq's largest international airport, located in a suburb about 16 km west of downtown Baghdad in the Baghdad Governorate. Home base for Iraq's national airline, Iraqi Airways. Wikipedia

  • Korean Air Lines Flight 007

    Scheduled Korean Air Lines flight from New York City to Seoul via Anchorage, Alaska. Shot down by a Soviet Su-15 interceptor. Wikipedia

  • Korean wave

    Increase in global popularity of South Korean culture since the 1980s. First driven by the spread of K-dramas and K-pop across East, South and Southeast Asia during its initial stages, the Korean Wave evolved from a regional development into a global phenomenon, carried by the Internet and social media and the proliferation of K-pop music videos on YouTube. Wikipedia

  • South Korea

    Country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, and sharing a land border with North Korea. 25 million people, around half of the country's population of more than 51 million people, live in the Seoul Capital Area, the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the world. Wikipedia

  • Korea

    Region in East Asia. Since 1945 it has been divided into two sovereign states: North Korea (officially the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea") and South Korea (officially the "Republic of Korea"). Wikipedia

  • North Korea–South Korea relations

    North Korea–South Korea relations (or alternatively inter-Korean relations) are the diplomatic relationships between the two states of the Korean Peninsula. Annexed by Japan in 1910, the Korean Peninsula has been divided since the end of World War II in 1945. Wikipedia


    Sentences forKorean Air Flight 858

    • The summit was considered a success in inter-Korean relations, but the bombing of Korean Air Flight 858 on 29 November 1987 by North Korean agents damaged relations again.Fifth Republic of Korea-Wikipedia
    • The bombing of Korean Air Flight 858 in 1987, in the lead up to the Seoul Olympics, led to the US government placing North Korea on its list of terrorist countries.Korean conflict-Wikipedia
    • Following the North Korean mid-air bombing of Korean Air Flight 858 in 1987, a Summit was held between North and South Korea to defuse the extreme tension on the Korean peninsula.As One (film)-Wikipedia
    • North Korea was previously designated a state sponsor of terrorism because of its alleged involvement in the 1983 Rangoon bombing and the 1987 bombing of a South Korean airliner.North Korea-Wikipedia
    • This failed, and the bombing of Korean Air Flight 858 in 1987 was seen as North Korea's revenge.North Korea–South Korea relations-Wikipedia
    • In 1987, in an attempt to destabilize the Olympic Games and instill fear in the international community, a South Korean commercial flight, Korean Air Flight 858 was bombed killing 115 passengers on board.Politics and sports-Wikipedia

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