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Second largest operating hotel in North Korea, the largest being the Yanggakdo Hotel. Wikipedia

  • Yanggakdo International Hotel

    Largest operating hotel in North Korea pending completion of the Ryugyong Hotel, and the seventh- or eighth-tallest building. Located on Yanggak Island in the river Taedong, 2 km to the south-east of the centre of Pyongyang, the nation's capital. Wikipedia

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  • Pyongyang

    Capital and largest city of North Korea. Located on the Taedong River about 109 km upstream from its mouth on the Yellow Sea. Wikipedia

  • Ryugyong Hotel

    Unfinished 105-story, 330 m pyramid-shaped skyscraper in Pyongyang, North Korea. Also one of the historical names for Pyongyang. Wikipedia

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  • Sosan Hotel

    Hotel located in Pyongyang, North Korea. It has a height of about 338.28 ft, with 30 floors and 510 rooms. Wikipedia


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