Bodies of water similar to or like Lake Maggiore

Large lake located on the south side of the Alps. Wikipedia

  • Italian Lakes

    The Italian Lakes (Grandi laghi prealpini, lit. "great prealpine lakes") are a group of large lakes lying on the south side of the Alps, in the basin of the river Po and the Mediterranean Sea. As their name suggests, they are essentially located in northern Italy, however, they are also partly located in southern Switzerland. Wikipedia

  • Geography of Italy

    Located in southern Europe and comprises the long, boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, the southern side of Alps, the large plain of the Po Valley and some islands including Sicily and Sardinia. Corsica, although belonging to the Italian geographical region, has been a part of France since 1769. Wikipedia

  • Lepontine Alps

    The Lepontine Alps (Lepontinische Alpen, Alpes lépontines, Alpi Lepontine) are a mountain range in the north-western part of the Alps. They are located in Switzerland (Valais, Ticino, Uri and Graubünden) and Italy (Piedmont and Lombardy). Wikipedia

  • Geography of Switzerland

    The geography of Switzerland encompasses the geographical features of Switzerland, a mountainous and landlocked country located in Western and Central Europe. Marked by its numerous lakes and mountains. Wikipedia

  • Calculated quantity expressing the mean time that water (or some dissolved substance) spends in a particular lake. Result of dividing the lake volume by the flow in or out of the lake. Wikipedia

  • Lake Lugano

    Glacial lake which is situated on the border between southern Switzerland and northern Italy. Situated between Lake Como and Lago Maggiore. Wikipedia


    Sentences forLake Maggiore

    • The construction of the Melide causeway between Melide and Bissone in 1844–47 favored the development of the Chiasso-Bellinzona-Lugano-Gotthard line at the expense of the north–south route along Lake Maggiore.Lugano-Wikipedia
    • The five largest lakes are, in order of diminishing size: Garda (367.94 km2), Maggiore (212.51 km2, whose minor northern part is Switzerland), Como (145.9 km2), Trasimeno (124.29 km2) and Bolsena (113.55 km2).Italy-Wikipedia
    • Other well-known subalpine lakes are Lake Maggiore (212.5 km2), whose most northerly section is part of Switzerland, Como (146 km2), one of the deepest lakes in Europe, Orta, Lugano, Iseo, and Idro.Italy-Wikipedia
    • On 10 July 2009, a 1925 Bugatti Brescia Type 22 which had lain at the bottom of Lake Maggiore on the border of Switzerland and Italy for 75 years was recovered from the lake.Bugatti-Wikipedia
    • The canton is a major tourist destination and is renowned for its distinct culture and gastronomy, and also for its warmer climate, especially around Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano.Ticino-Wikipedia
    • The hydrographic network includes several of the largest bodies of freshwater in Central and Western Europe, among which are included Lake Geneva (also called le Lac Léman in French), Lake Constance (known as Bodensee in German) and Lake Maggiore.Switzerland-Wikipedia

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