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In computing, language primitives are the simplest elements available in a programming language. Wikipedia

  • Compiler

    Computer program that translates computer code written in one programming language into another language (the target language). Primarily used for programs that translate source code from a high-level programming language to a lower level language to create an executable program. Wikipedia

  • This comparison of programming languages compares the features of language syntax (format) for over 50 computer programming languages. Programming language expressions can be broadly classified into four syntax structures: Wikipedia

  • Documentation artifact that defines a programming language so that users and implementors can agree on what programs in that language mean. Frequently cited by users, for instance, due to the complexity. Wikipedia

  • Family of imperative computer programming languages originally developed in 1958. The standard method for algorithm description used by the Association for Computing Machinery in textbooks and academic sources until object-oriented languages came around, for more than thirty years. Wikipedia

  • Interpreter (computing)

    Interpreter is a computer program that directly executes instructions written in a programming or scripting language, without requiring them previously to have been compiled into a machine language program. An interpreter generally uses one of the following strategies for program execution: Wikipedia

  • The PHP syntax and semantics are the format (syntax) and the related meanings (semantics) of the text and symbols in the PHP programming language. They form a set of rules that define how a PHP program can be written and interpreted. Wikipedia


    Sentences forLanguage primitive

    • Constraints differ from the common primitives of imperative programming languages in that they do not specify a step or sequence of steps to execute, but rather the properties of a solution to be found.Constraint programming-Wikipedia
    • The table may or may not contain indexes or relative or absolute pointers to generic or customized primitives or subroutines to be executed depending upon other values in the "row".Control table-Wikipedia
    • Logic programs (LPs) are software programs written using programming languages whose primitives and expressions provide direct representations of constructs drawn from mathematical logic.Reasoning system-Wikipedia
    • A suitably designed generic interpreter, together with a well chosen set of generic subroutines (able to process the most commonly occurring primitives), would require additional conventional coding only for new custom subroutines (in addition to specifying the control table itself).Control table-Wikipedia

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