Greek dimos similar to or like Larissa

Capital and largest city of the Thessaly region in Greece. Wikipedia

  • Kozani

    City in northern Greece, capital of Kozani regional unit and of West Macedonia region. Located in the western part of Macedonia, in the northern part of the Aliakmonas river valley. Wikipedia

  • Farsala

    City in southern Thessaly, in Greece. Located in the southern part of Larissa regional unit, and is one of its largest towns. Wikipedia

  • History of Thessaly

    The history of Thessaly covers the history of the region of Thessaly in north-central Greece from antiquity to the present day. Characterized by the large Thessalian plain, formed by the Pineios River, which is surrounded by mountains, most notably the Pindus mountain range to the west, which separates Thessaly from Epirus. Wikipedia

  • Trikala

    City in northwestern Thessaly, Greece, and the capital of the Trikala regional unit. Tributary of Pineios. Wikipedia

  • Ioannina

    Capital and largest city of the Ioannina regional unit and of Epirus, an administrative region in north-western Greece. 65,574, while the municipality had 112,486 inhabitants. Wikipedia

  • Trikala (regional unit)

    One of the regional units of Greece, forming the northwestern part of the region of Thessaly. Town of Trikala. Wikipedia


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