Languages similar to or like Latin

Classical language belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. Wikipedia

  • List of Indo-European languages

    [[File:Indo-European branches map.svg|thumb|200x200px|The approximate present-day distribution of the Indo-European branches within their homelands of Europe and Asia: Common.]] Wikipedia

  • Study of linguistics of Romance languages. Romance languages have a number of shared features across all languages: Wikipedia

  • Languages of Europe

    Most languages of Europe belong to the Indo-European language family. Indo-European language; within Indo-European, the three largest phyla are Romance, Germanic, and Slavic with more than 200 million speakers each, between them accounting for close to 90% of Europeans. Wikipedia

  • Romance languages

    The Romance languages (less commonly Latin languages, or Neo-Latin languages) are the modern languages that evolved from Vulgar Latin between the third and eighth centuries. They are a subgroup of the Italic languages in the Indo-European language family. Wikipedia

  • Italian language

    Romance language of the Indo-European language family. Italian is, by most measures and together with Sardinian, the closest language to Latin, from which it descends via Vulgar Latin. Wikipedia

  • Indo-European languages

    The Indo-European languages are a large language family native to western and southern Eurasia. It comprises most of the languages of Europe together with those of the northern Indian subcontinent and the Iranian Plateau. Wikipedia


    Sentences forLatin

    • The Gauls mixed with Roman settlers and eventually adopted Roman culture and Roman speech (Latin, from which the French language evolved).France-Wikipedia
    • ]]According to Article 2 of the Constitution, the official language of France is French, a Romance language derived from Latin.France-Wikipedia
    • The earliest examples of Polish literature date to the 12th century, when Poland's official language was Latin, and early published works were predominantly written by foreigners.Poland-Wikipedia
    • The earliest attested reference to the Angles occurs in the 1st-century work by Tacitus, Germania, in which the Latin word Anglii is used.England-Wikipedia
    • Seven are from Latin (mainly Latinized forms of English names) and the rest are from English, Spanish and French.U.S. state-Wikipedia
    • Originally applied to the whole Frankish Empire, the name France comes from the Latin Francia, or "realm of the Franks".France-Wikipedia

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