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Lega Nord per l'Indipendenza della Padania; abbr. Wikipedia

  • Liga Veneta

    Liga Veneta–Lega Nord (Venetian League–Northern League), is a regionalist political party based in Veneto, Italy. The first party of its kind in Northern Italy, predating Umberto Bossi's Lega Lombarda by four years, and was a founding member of Lega Nord in 1991. Wikipedia

  • Lega per Salvini Premier

    Populist political party in Italy. Sister party of Lega Nord. Wikipedia

  • Lega Lombarda

    Lega Lombarda–Lega Nord ("Lombard League–Northern League"), is a regionalist political party active in Lombardy. One of the national sections of Lega Nord and, along with Liga Veneta, forms the bulk of the federal party, which has been led by Lombards since its foundation. Wikipedia

  • Youth wing of Lega Nord (LN), a National political party in Italy. Luca Toccalini. Wikipedia

  • Umberto Bossi

    Italian politician, former leader of the Northern League, a party seeking autonomy or independence for Northern Italy or Padania. Married to the Sicilian Manuela Marrone and has four sons . Wikipedia

  • Lega Nord Piemont

    Regionalist political party in Italy active in Piedmont, Italy. The "national" section of Lega Nord in the region. Wikipedia


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