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Status of a child born to parents who are legally married to each other, and of a child conceived before the parents obtain a legal divorce. Wikipedia

  • Paternity law refers to body of law underlying legal relationship between a father and his biological or adopted children and deals with the rights and obligations of both the father and the child to each other as well as to others. A child's paternity may be relevant in relation to issues of legitimacy, inheritance and rights to a putative father's title or surname, as well as the biological father's rights to child custody in the case of separation or divorce and obligations for child support. Wikipedia

  • Adoption

    Process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, from that person's biological or legal parent or parents. Legal adoptions permanently transfer all rights and responsibilities, along with filiation, from the biological parent or parents. Wikipedia

  • Parental consent laws (also known as parental involvement laws) in some countries require that one or more parents consent to or be notified before their minor child can legally engage in certain activities. Parental consent may refer to: Wikipedia

  • Legal term for the recognized legal status of the relationship between family members, or more specifically the legal relationship between parent and child. As described by the Government of Quebec: Wikipedia

  • Father

    Male parent of a child. Besides the paternal bonds of a father to his children, the father may have a parental, legal, and social relationship with the child that carries with it certain rights and obligations. Wikipedia

  • Legal mechanism by which a child before attaining the age of majority is freed from control by their parents or guardians, and the parents or guardians are freed from any and all responsibility toward the child. Children before that age are normally considered legally incompetent to enter into contracts and to handle their own affairs. Wikipedia


    Sentences forLegitimacy (family law)

    • Conceptually deriving legitimacy from the Diet, whom it is responsible to, the Cabinet exercises its power in two different ways.Government of Japan-Wikipedia
    • The purpose of marriage is to provide for the mutual help of husband and wife, the birth of legitimate children, the growth of the church, and the prevention of "uncleanness."Westminster Confession of Faith-Wikipedia
    • As with divorce, Gaelic law again differed from most of Europe and from Church law in giving legal standing to both "legitimate" and "illegitimate" children.Gaelic Ireland-Wikipedia
    • He was born out of wedlock in August 1888 to Sarah Junner (1861-1959), a governess, and Sir Thomas Chapman, 7th Baronet (1846-1919), an Anglo-Irish nobleman.T. E. Lawrence-Wikipedia
    • It is usually an acknowledged preeminence that is hereditary, i.e. the status descends exclusively to some or all of the legitimate, and usually male-line, descendants of a nobleman.Nobility-Wikipedia
    • As an illegitimate son, Monmouth was ineligible to succeed to the English or Scottish thrones, unless he could prove rumours that his parents had married secretly.James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth-Wikipedia

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