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The Lepontine Alps (Lepontinische Alpen, Alpes lépontines, Alpi Lepontine) are a mountain range in the north-western part of the Alps. Wikipedia

  • Swiss Alps

    The Alpine region of Switzerland, conventionally referred to as the Swiss Alps (Schweizer Alpen, Alpes suisses, Alpi svizzere, Alps svizras), represents a major natural feature of the country and is, along with the Swiss Plateau and the Swiss portion of the Jura Mountains, one of its three main physiographic regions. Area sometimes called Central Alps. Wikipedia

  • Gotthard Pass

    Mountain pass in the Alps traversing the Saint-Gotthard Massif and connecting northern and southern Switzerland. The pass lies between Airolo in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, and Andermatt in the German-speaking canton of Uri, and connects further Bellinzona to Lucerne, Basel, and Zurich. Wikipedia

  • Bernese Alps

    The Bernese Alps (Berner Alpen, Alpes bernoises, Alpi bernesi) are a mountain range of the Alps, located in western Switzerland. Although the name suggests that they are located in the Berner Oberland region of the canton of Bern, portions of the Bernese Alps are in the adjacent cantons of Valais, Fribourg and Vaud, the latter being usually named Fribourg Alps and Vaud Alps respectively. Wikipedia

  • Pennine Alps

    The Pennine Alps (Walliser Alpen, Alpes valaisannes, Alpi Pennine, Alpes Poeninae), also known as the Valais Alps, are a mountain range in the western part of the Alps. They are located in Switzerland (Valais) and Italy (Piedmont and the Aosta Valley). Wikipedia

  • Western Rhaetian Alps

    The Western Rhaetian Alps (Alpi Retiche occidentali, Westliche Rätische Alpen) are a mountain range in the central part of the Alps. Administratively the range mainly belongs to the Italian region of Lombardy, the Swiss canton of Graubünden and the Austrian states of Vorarlberg and Tyrol. Wikipedia

  • Uri Alps

    The Uri Alps (also known as Urner Alps, Urner Alpen) are a mountain range in Central Switzerland and part of the Western Alps. They extend into the cantons of Obwalden, Valais, Bern, Uri and Nidwalden and are bordered by the Bernese Alps (Grimsel Pass) and the Emmental Alps to the west (the four lakes: Lungerersee, Sarnersee, Wichelsee, and Alpnachersee), the Schwyzer Alps to the north (Lake Lucerne), the Lepontine Alps to the south (the valley of Urseren with Andermatt) and the Glarus Alps to the east (Reuss). Wikipedia


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